travelingmomsRecently our TMOM’s gathered for a retreat. Sponsored by Disney, we stayed at the Yacht Club Resort and had time both in and out of the classroom. Training on all forms of social media took place, our continued growth and presence as a leader in the family travel industry was discussed, and best of all, courtesy of Disney, we all had time to enjoy the parks. We wrapped this up with a Twitter party on April 8th where we answered questions about all things Disney. Our fans also gave great tips about Disney.
What are your tips for taking a baby or toddler to Disney?

@rwethereyetmom Toddlers – take your time – go at their pace and don’t think you have to see it all!

@maryheston Get recruits – take grandma, aunties, uncles w/ you!

@TibsTravel Stay on Disney property when taking babies/toddlers with you. Easy access, easy back-and-forth matters.


@TeresaShaw Taking a toddler to Disney? Take plenty of breaks from the action to rest – go to the shows, have a sit down lunch, etc.

@Amanda_AKA_Mom Start early, don’t skip naps, bring snacks, don’t forget sunscreen. Understand their limits, be patient, and have fun!

What are your tips for taking school-aged kids to Disney?

@DebMomof3 Give them park map & let them be guide! Lots of rest breaks in a/c (shows r gr8) for small feet too big for strollers.

@DipaolaMomma Let them each choose an attraction they MUST see. That way they get super excited. Decompress at the pool.

@EastCoastMary Plan to be busy, but not crazy busy. These kids want to soak in the magic. Don’t plan every second. Spontaneous magic.

@AskWifey don’t be surprised if they want to hang at the pool. Mine love the pools at the resorts – and the water parks! 😉

What are the best things to do w/ tweens or teens at Disney?

@judy511 Let them roam alone (w a friend or sib, but no adult)

@twokidsandamap They want to text/instagram pics to friends. Give them time to do that even though you might want phone in pocket.

@TibsTravel Teen planning and execution of Disney family trip vital. Apps,budgets, times to depart.

What’s your fave Disney food?

@CindyRichards I like the special limited time Christmas treats. Yummy and special.

@Amanda_AKA_Mom What’s NOT my fav #Disney food should be the question. The only thing I don’t like is the Beverly drink in Epcot. BLECH!!!

@twokidsandamap Fave Disney food – Dole whips and the taco salad at Pecos Bill’s in Magic Kingdom. Low cost, lots of food

@RweThereYetMom Dole pineapple Whip hands down

@ramblingstump Love trying foods @ World Showcase. Adore cinn. sugar nuts @ Blizzard Beach & Dole Whips @ Magic Kingdom!

What are your tips for doing Disney with disabilities?

@CindyRichards I was shocked to learn some people “pretend” to be disabled to get in the short line.

@ramblingstump Stay in WDW resort & go for nightime Extra Magic hrs. Way less crowded. Can go thru taxi lane at parks to pick up

@LuxuryTravelMom Don’t let the ride operators afraid to ask questions about procedure

@chaoticbarb Research! Research! Research when doing Disney w/disability. And then be flexible and roll with it *pun intended*

What are the best things to do at Disney w/out kids?

@smartypantsmomma Shop… in peace!

@ElenaSonnino Walk through Epcot and sample food (& beverages)

@smartypantsmama Dinner at Narcosses’ at #GrandFloridian. Food is A+ & u can see the fireworks while u dine & drink wine.

@judy511 Sit on balcony w wine & watch fireworks while they sleep

@TibsTravel People watching more fun at Disney when not also watching kids.