dinnertime survival cookbook twitter party september 2On September 2 we gathered together for our weekly travel chat to discuss dinnertime on the road. We discussed the benefits of having a microwave and kitchenette, how to save money on food while traveling, what our go to snacks on the road are, and what our favorite foods were. Read on to see some of our favorite responses and tricks to eating on the road.

How important is a kitchen when you choose where to stay on vacation? Why?

@MyChaosTravel Eating out is expensive. I like to have a fridge for breakfast and snack, no cooking on vacation!!

@Cammi72 I like fridge to store leftovers too.. Love to have leftovers later at night while watching movies

@barblikos I LOVE having a kitchen when traveling. I have to have somewhere to store my wine.

@TibsTravel Restaurant behavior requires much of kids after busy vacay day so kitchen helps all the family.

@TibsTravel The larger the group on vacation, the more important kitchen becomes. Big crowd/big house, want to cook.

@AleciaHoobing I agree a kitchen is nice when you travel to save on breakfast and lunch. A refrigerator, at a minimum, is a must!

@MaryHeston We are always looking for kitchenettes when traveling – when kids are hungry = unhappy travelers.

@aMusingfoodie Eating out’s expensive. I love cooking on vacation – I can take my time & it’s fun for me! Kitchen is important.

What’s your go-to meal when you’re pressed for time/low energy?

@beckyadventure A banana, a yogurt, or cereal.

@littlebiteof Fruit, granola, cheese peanut butter.

@tweetthemap Pasta with pesto, or fried eggs on wheat toast. Or pasta with arugula, black olives, and blue cheese. Yummmmm.

@Teronya Go-To Meals if low-time/energy: Nutrient dense, pre-made foods – muffins, energy bars, smoothies, protein shakes, fruit.

@suerodman My kids made grilled cheese w/the iron this summer.

@nikki2kids Soup and sandwiches is another quick meal I do sometimes.

@debponzek Love smoothies too–but miss chewing my dinner!

@luxurytravelmom Pack Kind bar for starvation moments.

What are your family’s favorite food discoveries or foodie indulgence on trips?

@getskymed Seeing “pescado a la talla” done on the beach in Zihuatanejo first hand – was visual AND tasty!

@tweetthemap An amazing mackerel sandwich in Istanbul, saffron noodles in Hoi An, empanadas in Buenos Aires Now I’m hungry!

@4jlessad We love the northern towns along Lake Michigan great for cherries/apples/peaches so many fruits and veggies.

@aMusingfoodie We splurge on things we can’t afford everyday: Fresh mozzarella, expensive ice cream, wine every night!

@bodinesteph Love breakfast and fun diners to visit. Diners have great food.

@EastSeattleMama We eat more sweets or desserts. My favorite discovery was Irish cream cheesecake in Co. Clare, Ireland. Perfection!

@CarolYemola My family loves ALL the buffets! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and any one in between.

@bethannechard Trips usually involve the ocean so good seafood and LOTS of it are the biggest indulgences.

What was your worst food experience when traveling?

@a_biro My husband found a fly in his ice tea.

@bethannechard A few places near tourist attractions with 3 hr wait times.

@CarolYemola I ate unhealthy fried food. Hubby ate a healthy garden salad. He ended up in ER w/food poisoning. Go figure!

@AnitaUtami Super spicy papaya salad in Thailand, because we didn’t know how to say “mild” in Thai. Tongue on fire!!!

@blondefabulous My daughter had a spider crawl out of her meal at one place we went to. That was less than ideal for enjoyment.

@hillhouserock Oh let me tell you about the time I had the worst latte ever known to man… cold, weak, no foam, bitter, disgusting.

@DreamofJenn Got food poisoning on my last holiday. I didn’t think anything was wrong as I ate; maybe my tummy didn’t agree.

How do you keep meal costs down when traveling?

@judy511 Two appetizers/no main course. More to taste, less on hips.

@BeckyAdventure We eat less times a day! Usually skip dinner & just have a snack or dessert!

@alittlebiteof If we eat out on vacay, a fridge can hold the leftovers for lunch the next day!

@AnitaUtami Stop by grocery and get ingredients to make your own sandwiches. Oh, and fruits too. Great for snack.

@raisedbyculture We keep a cooler or hotel fridge full of water, juices and other drinks!

@ramblingstump Free breakfast at hotel. Lunch specials out, dinner using groceries at hotel. http://Restaurant.com certificates.

@blondefabulous -We will do a hotel continental breakfast, quick service lunch, & a really nice dinner. $$-wise, it works well.

@justicefergie We order an adult entree for the kids and have them share. Comes out cheaper than 3 kids’ meals! Plus better choices.

What’s the coolest meal you ever made in a hotel room?

@SPN_Mom Hubby made steak and some noodles for dinner once 🙂

@BoundRoundAus Sweet potato fries!!! They’re my specialty… and healthy!

 @JusticeFergie Not sure if this counts but I made pasta in a log cabin where we couldn’t use the water! Had to use lots of little bottles of h20!

 @HillHouseRock I’ve made entire crockpot meals in hotel rooms, which is pretty cool… like a full hot meal done simply 🙂

@SheBuysCars A year living in a hotel taught us: premade sushi & salads, PB&J kits, cheese & fruit. Many hotels will send up a microwave, too.

 @judy511 Do cocktails count? I’ve traveled with martini shaker.

*Note: Comments are sometimes edited for spelling (the vs teh due to fast Twitter fingers!) and for abbreviation that our non-Twitter bretheren may not understand (DH vs dear husband). They are not edited for content as we feel it is valuable for everyone’s original thoughts to be heard.