tornadochaserTravel is exciting, educational and fun—most of the time. Let’s face it, as much as we love to travel, there can be some horrible travel disasters. Unlucky travel was the topic for our December 6 Monday Night Twitter Party, sponsored by Travel Guard.

What do you worry about when you travel? Our TMOM Monday tweeters shared where they would go if they won the $10,000 prize in Travel Guard’s World’s Unluckiest Traveler contest, who is the luckiest traveler they know, and offered a ton of helpful tips for avoiding unlucky travel.

What are your tips for avoiding unlucky travel this winter?

@oursomedayfam: Pay attention during in flight emergency briefing. Studies show people who pay attention are more likely to survive.

@ramblingstump: Be nice to the people behind the counter! If driving, never wait for the next gas station!

@carolmueller: If taking a cruise this winter, get to the starting port at least 1 day ahead of schedule and pack travel insurance.

@BtrVacationRent: Leave extra time, pack light, separate your money, bring Imodium

@travelingmoms: If you do fly, fly Southwest…don’t have to pay for luggage!

@sleatham: Travel insurance…always pack your medications and a change of clothes in an overnight bag and CARRY ON

@Greeblemonkey: Check weather reports, dress to make TSA experience easier, keep valuables on you, pack light, keep important conf in phone…

With the holidays coming up did you book a vacation to visit the family or avoid them?

@CindyRichards: Our families are both in Chicago so we stay home for Christmas. I’d like to travel WITH them to somewhere warm for the holidays.

@CarissaRogers: We traveled to the grandparents one Christmas and that was enough for us. I like being all homey for the holidays.

@mzelma: We’re visiting the family for 12 days!

@misslori: No money for traveling these days. So hard with 3 kids. Though I could really use a vacay!

Who’s the luckiest traveler you know? How is he or she lucky?

@TravelGuard: Luckiest traveler? Me! I got lucky during a layover in Vegas- with the slots I mean. Won $200!

@mandyOregon: I am lucky, I won a trip to Monte Carlo!

@ChaoticKarma23: The luckiest traveler I know is me because I’ve been through a lot…while traveling and I’m still standing!

Almost everyone said, despite a few mishaps here and there, they feel that they are the luckiest travelers!

Traveling with kids is unpredictable. What do you worry about the most?

@1Dad1Kid: Losing my child or them getting seriously ill.

@PaulEisenberg: I worry about lazy restaurants that, for instance use their clam chowder stock for fish chowder…two kids allergic to shellfish.

@CarissaO: As the mom of a child with a heart defect, I worry about unexpected health trouble while away from Boston and its hospitals.

@luxcruisebible: I worry about keeping a kid-friendly schedule despite changing time zones, sleep cycles, and meal times.

@TravelingMoms: Anything can happen and if you are traveling with kids-probably will! Buy travel insurance!

It’s great to prepare, but we should also remember to try to relax and enjoy the trip…

@soultravelers3: We don’t worry, we love it all!

Which WUT finalist has the best story?

@carolmueller: Zipper down “cliffhanger” traveler is most unlucky.

@AnnaParry: I guess Helicopter Crash Landing is pretty bad too! Couldn’t imagine landing between a patch of grass AND the Grand Canyon!

The Grand Canyon story was the most popular answer at the party.

Where would you go if you won the WUT $10,000 dream vacation giveaway?

@CarissaRogers: If I won, I would take my son to Austria!

@sunrae17: Hubby and I would take a real honeymoon to Hawaii.

@dianarowe: I’d take my grandkids to Mexico again! They loved it!

@GoodNCrazy: Costa Rica to see the Rain Forest.

@kymri: I would want to take the whole family to the Galapagos Islands.

Please join us again next week for another rousing TMOM Monday Twitter party.

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