Let’s admit it – summer’s quickly fading. Before the sun sets on the warmest of seasons, it’s time to plan one last road trip, one memorable staycation, one final long weekend. Need help squeezing out one more travel adventure this summer? Join us at the next #TMOM Twitter party, where our Traveling Mom experts will help your summer close with the happiest possible ending.

End of summer travel is easier when you plan it at a #TMOM Twitter party!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the last of the summer sun. Plan some end of summer travel at the next #TMOM Twitter party. Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast Traveling Mom

August 8  #TMOM Twitter Party – Last Hurrahs of Summer

Wasn’t it just yesterday that the golden days of summer were before us, waiting with warmth and promise? So how come some of us can already heading back to school and routine, leaving behind the unplanned days, the late night swims, the wiffle ball games as the sun set – and all that travel?

As the writer Sarah Dessen said, “If June was the beginning of a hopeful summer, and July the juice middle, August was suddenly feeling like the bitter end.” But we still have some time before this summer is history. Why not make the most of August with a late summer getaway or a day trip?  After all, the end of summer will feel a little less bitter if you fill those days with happy memories. That’s what we’re talking about at the next #TMOM Twitter party – all about the last hurrahs of summer.

Take a fishing trip during your end of summer travel adventure.

The fish are in school all summer, so catch some before you go back! Picture by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast TravelingMom

Our next Twitter party will be all about ways to squeeze in one more mini vacation before the autumn routine begins. After all, a vacation doesn’t have to be a planned out multi-week excursion. Think day trips, think weekends, think about short road trips and staycations. After all, who would be against extending the summer just a little bit longer?

And of course, we at TravelingMom are all over this idea. A quick look at our posts will find us taking end of the summer staycations,  planning weekend escapes and packing our cars for road trips.   We’re all about extending the summer – and our next Twitter party will help you learn how to do the same! Our next Twitter party – all about squeezing out one last summer travel adventure – is bound to be full of warm weather stories, the hottest tips, solid advice and a lot of laughing. So why not join us – before the sun sets on summer 2016?

WHEN: August 8, 9-10 pm ET (8-9 pm CT; 7-8 pm MT; 6-7 pm PT)

WHO: Panelists @travelingmoms @KimOrlando @CindyTravelsOn

HOW TO JOIN: Follow the #TMOM hashtag

SPREAD THE WORD: Tweet Time for one last summer adventure? Join #TMOM Monday 8/8 9pm ET & share in our plans for staycations, day trips and late summer travel.

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End of summer travel

Spend a final day on the beach, take a last road trip, and visit one more national park….let’s end this summer in #TMOM style! Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast TravelingMom

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