Let’s face it – there’s more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower, and more to London than Big Ben. How do people really live in Peru and Equador? What does real Chinese food taste like? And what’s daily life like in New Orleans – beyond the Mardi Gras? If you’re interested in diving deeper and learning how others really live, you are longing for a cultural travel experience – and that’s what we’re talking about at our next #TMOM Twitter party.

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Historical walking tour of Krakow, Poland. Photo by Sarah Ricks, Philadelphia TMOM.

Sometimes we travel just to see what we can see. But other times we travel to learn what other lives can be.

Sure, sightseeing at the popular tourist traps is a fine and relaxing way to spend your vacation time. We all enjoy visiting the “must see” attractions, lounging on this year’s most popular beach, or making memories in the House of Mouse.

But sometimes we want more from our travel experience. In increasing numbers, Americans are looking to go a little deeper when visiting other cities, countries, and people. Instead of checking out the tourist sites like a visitor, we want to experience the real life and culture of an area first hand, tasting authentic dishes, enjoying local customs, participating in rituals of the area, and making friends with others whose lives are unlike your own. True cultural travel means leaving your own “comfort zone” and immersing yourself in the way of life of those who live in the area you’re visiting.


Yes, that may mean leaving luxuries like fast food, televisions and even your cell phone behind. But most people who enjoy cultural travel feel the payoff – an authentic experience to treasure forever – is worth all the missed text messages, French fries or episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” you’ll miss during your time away.

Of course, connecting with the locals doesn’t just happen. It takes some work to find and experience genuine cultural experiences. How do you avoid falling into the tourist trap? How can you share in the culture of those in the next city – or way around the world? Let your friends at TMOM help!

The writers at TMOM live around the corner, and around the world. They’re also all about experiencing other cultures, and sharing their experiences with you. So why not join in on Monday, when you can hear about what else goes on in Paris, what the locals wear in Iceland, and the sad history of a beautiful park in Croatia. We’ll be talking about the cultural experiences in our own country too – like

Twitter Party

Making new friends in Guatemala. Photo by Dia Wisley Adams, Travel Hack TMOM

where do the locals in Maine go when they’re hankering for some seafood? (Clue: it’s not the Red Lobster.)

So if you’re ready to dive deeper – or if you’re just tired of all the tourist traps – you’ll want to be at our next #TMOM Twitter party. We’ll be talking heritage, culture, food and tradition – and we’ll be having a great time doing it. Sign on to the fun next Monday – and get a taste of #TMOM culture too.

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