Want to hit a home run? Then suggest a little baseball travel to your family. As the weather gets warmer, we head outdoors – and what better place than to the ballpark? This week’s #TMOM Twitter Party is all about baseball. So plan on joining us at 9 p.m. on April 4, so we can get warmed up for warm weather and share our memories of that all-American pastime.

April 4 #TMOM Twitter Party – Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians. Photo by Scott Lebeau

April 4  #TMOM Twitter Party – Take Me Out to the Ballpark

Our love affair with baseball is a classic. It’s as all-American as hot dogs and cold beer, as exciting as fireworks after the ninth inning, as much of a part of summer as suntans and mosquito bites and comfortable, worn-in sneakers. I cannot imagine a summer without a night at the ballpark, root-root-rooting for the home team and laughing at the Phanatic’s antics during the seventh inning stretch.

My father-in-law shows his Red Sox pride while joining my sons at the Phillies-Boston game. Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast TMOM

My father-in-law shows his Red Sox pride while joining my sons at the Phillies-Boston game. Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast TMOM

Yes, I’m from Phanatic country. My team is, and always will be, the Philadelphia Phillies. And yes, I know they’re probably cellar dwellers this year. I’ve heard it all before, from my husband, who is a diehard Yankees fan since childhood. (And before you spend too much time wondering how our unlikely partnership came about, let me share this – my husband is from Massachusetts. His dad lives and breathes the Red Sox. Let’s face it – a little rebelling against your parents is as all-America as, well, baseball!)


But we at #TMOM love more than just the game. We love the whole stadium experience – the cheering fans, the quick-food dining selections, the bright lights. And, since we’re travelers, we also enjoy exploring the cities around the stadiums pre- and post-game. (I fell in love with Baltimore back when Scott and I were dating, when we travelled to see his Yanks play the Orioles at Camden Yards and we took a romantic walk around the Harbour. (Scott remembers this as the time we ran into Mariano Rivera while we were paddleboating, and he showed us one of his many World Series rings.)

So what do a bunch of #TMOMs know about baseball? Well, we’ve already told you how to save money at the ball park. We’ve given you the scoop on spring training. And we’ve shared how to find local NCAA games, making just about any town a baseball destination.


We root, root, root for the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Photo by Mary Lebeau, EastCoast TMOM

Join us next Monday, April 4, at 9 p.m. for the #TMOM Twitter party, all about baseball. We’ll talk favorite stadiums, best snacks, and how to save on tickets. We’ll spill the beans about great stadium cities, preferred modes of transportation, and most entertaining mascots (the Phanatic, anyone?). It’s like our warm-up pitch into a summer of travel – so don’t strike out by missing this party!

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