photo: Academy Award credit:

photo: Academy Award credit:

Last night, the stars were a little brighter as the actors that we love were celebrated for the films that we love. A special congrats from to Disney’s Frozen for winning the Oscar for Best Animated Film.

And speaking of films, TravelingMom’s Twitter party last week focused on the topic of movie-worthy travels.

We asked the following questions about how we romanticize the films and our travels. And the Oscar for the best answer goes to….

1. What places have you visited that deserved Oscars, and why?   Nominees include: Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, and Oregon.   And the winner is…. Astoria, Oregon for it’s beautiful mountain ranges, weather and it’s where the 1980s cult classic movie, The Goonies was filmed.


2. How can you travel like a movie star and what would you demand?   Nominees include: a massage, room service, booking a suite, a driver, a big breakfast, nannies, and the best cheeses in the world.   And the winner is….a massage. Nothing makes you feel pampered like a warm towel and a good rub down from a stranger. No, seriously, this how celebs roll and so should you. Supporting role, room service.

3. What movie star do you most want to travel with, and where would you go?   Nominees include: Angelina Jolie and somewhere in Asia; Liam Neeson and anywhere because he could protect his travel companions; Brad Pitt and anywhere Brad chooses to go; Halle Berry and Canada; George Clooney and Italy; Guy Fieri because he would pick the best Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and Sarah Jessica Parker and a French fashion journey.   And the winner is….Guy Fieri for his knowledge of finding the best comfort food in the world.

4. What drama have your kids provided on a vacation that deserve Oscars?   Nominees include: Non-stop crying during an overnight roadtrip, a visit to the local urgent care center, losing your child at an amusement park, a child with a stomach flu that puked in the reptile exhibit while visiting the zoo, and a screaming child on a packed train in China.   And the winner is….a child with the stomach flu that puked in the reptile exhibit while visiting the zoo.

5. What (fictional) movie should be shot in your hometown and why?   Nominees include: a Ken Burns Documentary filmed in Gettysburg on the Civil War; Lovers Lane in Climax, NC; Crime Film in Brooklyn, NY; The Wolfpack filmed in Las Vegas.   And the winner is….Lovers Lane in Climax, NC.

6. If your family vacation was a movie what would it be called?   Nominees include: Lost in Death Valley; The Clampetts come to (insert our town name, here.); Titanic; Dad is Crazy; Rich Man, Poor Man; The Road to Divorce Starts Here; Power Through, We’re Almost There!; Leave Dad Home Alone;   And the winner is….Dad is Crazy.

Thanks to all our Twitter followers and participants for the funny and inspiring commentary. We had a blast chatting with you. Please join us for our Twitter parties each Monday night at 9pm ET. Just follow #TMOM and join in the fun!