{I received coupons from Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt to sample, but my opinions are 100% my own}

Are you on the road with your kids as much as I am in the summer?  If we are not zipping around Arizona for a day trip, we are taking a long drive to someplace (any place) cooler than Arizona. All that traveling makes for hungry kids (and Mom), and when we get hungry, we get a little grumpy.  As a matter of fact, not only does my son get grumpy, he gets severe motion sickness if he does not have foods to snack on while we drive.

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Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

I hate eating at fast food restaurants while traveling!  There is nothing worse than eating a greasy burger and fries, then sitting in a car for another five hours while the grease sits like a lump in our stomachs-yuck!  Sometimes there is nothing else around though, so I have learned to pack sandwiches and healthy snacks for us to eat instead.  Invariably, we always arrive at our hotel late at night, with no open restaurants, so I also make sure to pack enough food for us to have in our hotel room too.

I won’t lie, I sneak in a few guilty pleasure treats for the drive, such as Twizzlers and peanut butter crackers, but I also make sure to fill the cooler with healthy foods, such as trail mix, fresh fruit, and yogurt cups.  Sometimes I will make pumpkin bread or muffins for the drive, but one of my son’s favorite on-the-road snacks is the new Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt (Key Lime or Lemon).

Yoplait Greek 100 makes the perfect car ride treat.  My son and his friends love the creamy texture of the Yoplait Greek 100, as well as the many flavors available.  I love that Yoplait Greek 100 only has 100 calories, does not have aspartame in it, has 13 grams of protein in it (so it is healthy and filling), so it keeps car sickness “queasiness” at bay.   I also love that the yogurt cups are easy to fit in the cooler, and easy to clean up.  I freeze the yogurt cups so they will stay chilled longer, and the kids eat it like ice cream.  Sometimes I pack cut up blueberries and strawberries, as well as granola, so they can make their own yogurt parfaits on the road.  They make a great late night snack, as well as an early breakfast treat in the hotel too!

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Photo Credit: Julie Cohn

 What kind of foods do you pack for car trips, and what are your kids favorite treats?   Have you thought of adding yogurt to your travel cooler?

 For more information about Yoplait Greek 100, visit their website.  You can also find Yoplait on Facebook and Twitter.