This is the month we all make New Year resolutions. We resolve to eat better, exercise more, and generally be a better person for the year to come. Those are certainly worthy goals, but how often have we made those promises to ourselves, only to fall off the wagon before the teams take the field for the Super Bowl? Here’s a new year resolution idea that is easy to keep: resolve to travel more.

Hammocks on the beach at Tradewinds Island Resort.

Hammocks on the beach at Tradewinds Island Resort. Photo credit: Gwen Kleist, Healthy TravelingMom.

New Year Resolution Ideas

What are your travel resolutions for the new year? And, more importantly, what are you doing to make sure this is the year you actually keep those resolutions?

I propose we all make a resolution this year that is easier to keep: Let’s resolve to travel more. We know it’s good for us, and for our kids. We know it will bring us closer as a family. So why wouldn’t we resolve to travel more in the new year?

Skiing with Young Kids - Toddler on Skis

Photo credit: Leslie Harvey / Frequent Flyer TravelingMom


How to Make Travel Resolutions a Reality

There are lots of reasons not to travel:

1. We can’t get the time off of work.

2. Our kids are in school.

3. We can’t afford it.

4. We don’t know where to go.

Answering the Travel Resolutions Challenges

1. Let’s travel on our days off.

2. Take them out of school. Chances are they will learn more out of the classroom than they do in the classroom. (A Family Travel Talk Forum on that subject drew a lot of conversation.)

3. Do the free stuff. There’s plenty of free things to do anywhere you travel, from public parks and beaches to free museums. Taking advantage of the free stuff is the easiest way to hold down the cost of a family vacation.

4. Open a map, close your eyes and point. Then resolve to go there in the spirit of exploration and adventure.

Do you make New Year's resolutions and then feel bad by February because you haven't reached your goals? Fear not! These resolutions are easy to keep.

TravelingMoms’ Travel New Year Resolution Ideas


What keeps you from making a New Year resolution to travel and keeping it? What will you do differently this year to make sure you and your family will spend next year as a traveling family?