valentinescraftsValentine’s Day is fast approaching and even if you’re on the road, you can still make some simple crafts.  Make a card for Grandma on the way to spend the weekend at her house or some cute mice for your cousins as you travel to meet them for a week of skiing.  Here are a few ideas–but it’s up to you (and your kids!) to look at the picture and get a general idea how to make the project. Then add your own unique touch.

Believe me, there’s nothing complicated about any of them! The process of creating something is more important than a Pinterest-worthy craft project, so let your kids be creative with various papers, colors, and lots of glitter!

Valentine Mouse:

  • Cut out a paper heart, any size or color.tmom valentine mouse
  • Fold heart in half and glue insides so heart shape doesn’t flap open. (Or leave open and write Valentine’s greetings inside as a card.)
  • Cut smaller hearts for the ears
  • Cut a 3-4 inch thin strip of black paper for the tail. Wrap it around a toothpick to create a curly tail. Glue one end to body of mouse
  • Use thin strips of black paper for whiskers
  • A black marker works well to create a nose and eye

Heart Buddy:tmom valentine heartkid

  • Cut out a paper heart, any size or color
  • Cut two strips of paper and fold accordion style to use as legs. Attach one end to body of large heart
  • Add two small hearts at end of “legs” to serve as heart-shaped shoes
  • Cut two smaller strips of paper to serve as arms. Accordion fold and glue one end to side of large heart
  • Cut two small hearts and attach to end of accordion folded “arms” to serve as hands
  • Use a marker to draw a cute face on your Heart Buddy!

Simple Heart Flowers:

  • Using paper hearts or heart shaped stickers, simply form flowers by having pointed edges of hearts overlaptmom valentine card
  • Flowers can be formed using three or four hearts
  • Use markers or crayons to draw the stem and any other embellishments you want for your card

Sweet Sucker Valentine Butterfly:

  • Cut out two paper hearts, making sure they are the same size
  • Glue pointed ends together, overlapping by one inch or so. This forms the butterfly’s “wings”
  • Cut out two hearts, slightly smaller than previous hearts
  • Glue those two hearts on top of larger hearts
  • Cut a hotdog shaped piece of black paper to form the butterfly’s “body”tmom valentine butterfly
  • Take a Tootsie pop type of sucker and glue a heart shaped face on the candy part
  • Poke two holes in the black body of the butterfly and slide the sucker stick in the holes
  • Add any stickers or glitter to decorate the butterfly wings
  • Now you have a cute way to share Valentine candy

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