Hawaiian-sunsetDo you put aside vacation time to travel without your children? I love traveling with my family, but I think that girlfriend getaways and trips alone with your significant other are just as important as those family vacations.

In a few weeks, I will be getting ready to leave my husband at home, leave my kids with their grandparents, and go on a five day trip by myself (and some of the Traveling Moms!). I am looking forward to reading a book on the plane and not worrying about when it is time for the next snack or who is spilling their soda all over the tray table. I have already checked out the spa options and I am contemplating splurging on a massage in my free time. Although my husband will be working, I know he is looking forward to sleeping in a little and not having to get Big S on the bus in the morning. Before I get to watch a sunset all by myself in quite solitude, I need to get my kids ready to go to the grandparents. 

Pack the lovey. My kids never had a particular stuffed animal or blanket that they couldn’t leave behind but they always bring a stuffed animal and a blanket with them, it just didn’t matter which one. I always make sure they have packed whichever animal is their current favorite.   

Don’t forget the medicine and directions. Neither of my kids are currently on medication, but they each have a few prescriptions that are necessary if there is an allergic reaction or another issue. Even if your child isn’t taking medicine right now, pack the things that they might need in case of an emergency. You might want to send any over-the-counter medicines that your child might need so that the caregivers don’t have to run out to the store in the middle of the night.

Write up the emergency information.  Even though most everyone has a cell phone nowadays, we still make sure that we write a list of emergency contacts just in case my phone isn’t working or the grandparents can’t reach me.  In this case, I will be out of the country and won’t be able to use my phone.  I want to make sure that my family can get ahold of me if there is an emergency.

Write a little note. I tuck a note into the bag for my kids to find while I am on the trip.  When my husband and I left for a ten day trip to celebrate our ten year anniversary, we made little bags for each day we were gone. Each bag had a little treat in it and the kids loved opening them up each morning.

What is the most important thing you do before leaving the kids when you are going on a trip?