photosflowerTired of posed photos with forced smiles?  Vacation albums full of photos you weren’t in because you’re always the one with the camera? Give the job of photographer to your children.  Kids LOVE cameras.  They love being trusted with the responsibility and given the chance to be creative.

1) Choose the right camera.  If you trust them with your camera, by all means hand it over.  They make amazing digital cameras now that are both water and drop proof.  Still not sure?  Buy a disposable camera.

2) Don’t tell them what to shoot.  The best pictures come from their imagination.  Besides, they’ll cut everyone’s head off in a group shot anyway.

3) Let them take the camera off on their own.  Seeing what touches and inspires them can give you a whole new perspective on your vacation, and your child.


4) Save the photos, even the crazy ones.  Looking back on my daughter’s 10th birthday trip to Paris, some of my favorite pictures are the silly ones; the back of my head while I’m shopping, her favorite soft drink Psschhtt and lots and lots of shoes.

I let my little boys use my Olympus Tough camera though I’m not a huge fan of the photo quality.  My daughter loves to use my big Canon and I let her because I adore the photos she takes. 

These photos she took on our mommy & me trips to Paris and Jamaica make me smile every time.