Think you have to give up the benefits of a hotel in exchange for the space of a condo for your next family vacation? Vacatia is changing the face of family travel with its resort residence offer – the perks of a high-quality hotel AND the spaciousness of a condo. Here’s why you’ll want to check out Vacatia’s resort residences approach to family travel before your next family vacation.

Grand Floridian Walt Disney World

Pretty morning views at Grand Floridian Resort in Walt Disney World. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip TravelingMom

There’s something oh-so positive to be said about booking a condo when you’re on vacation with your family. Sooner or later someone will be begging for “space,” and not just room to move. I’m talking personal space. It happens to the best of us after days and days of family bonding.

I have an awesome teenage daughter who gives me no grief (yep, I’m lucky. I thank the heavens for it everyday), a husband that not only do I love, I also like. We have a great time together. She likes us. We like her. It’s a win-win situation in my book. Even so, a condo is an option that sometimes makes sense.

So you rent a condo for a week, visit the perfect destination, and then it hits you: I have to clean up after myself just like at home. Blech. This is when you start to think that a hotel room looks very appealing for your next vacation, right? After all, it is called vacation and not work.


What’s Vacatia?

Here’s where Vacatia will change the way you book your next family vacation. Part condo, part hotel, Vacatia offers “resort residences.” That’s the name Vacatia uses for the spacious lodgings that offer the perks and luxury of a hotel room.

Translation? You get the benefits of a condo (extra room, washer and dryer, kitchen, etc.) without giving up the comforts of a hotel (daily maid service) all at a surprisingly affordable price.

For the moment, the company is offering resort residences in 12 popular cities and is expanding its market even as I type. From popular East Coast beaches to uber popular theme park destinations (Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort), it caters to well-known family vacation hot spots. The company recently began working with Walt Disney World and Disney Vacation Club to rent out on-property DVC rooms and will be offering them at competitive prices. No more renting DVC points necessary.

And then it gets even better.

Vacatia has an awesome feature called Vacatia Value Rating. That’s when Vacatia is renting resort residences at rates that are LESS THAN local hotel rates with comparable star ratings and number of guests. Score! Based on a three-tiered system, you’ll know exactly when you’re getting the best deal possible. To amp up its customer service, there’s Vacatia Guest Care- a live chat available on the website for immediate answers if you don’t feel like picking up a phone. I hopped on while writing this article to gain some insight about Vacatia and DVC and, in only a few seconds, I had my answer.

Disney Vacation Club room layout

Grand Floridian Resort Villas at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Photo Credit: Karyn Locke/ Road Trip TravelingMom

If it sounds like it’s almost too good to be true, don’t fret. Vacatia was created by folks just like us that love the perks of a hotel room with the additional space of a condo. They know what it’s like to need alone time and your own bedroom. They’ve been on vacations where they’ve had to clean up after themselves. TravelingMom? We’ve been there. So has Vacatia.

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