ModernMy husband asked me why I would take the time to tell a stranger, who didn’t ask me directly, where to stay in Boise. These are the reasons I came up with:

  • Because I’m a know-it-all and I need to spread the word.
  • Because the Modern Hotel is a great place to stay in Boise — hipster, yet still upscale enough that my fancy mom likes staying there.  Cool people in town go to the lobby for drinks.  Clean, reasonably priced.
  • Because I hope that when I go somewhere soon, someone will answer that question for me.  

And that’s really it: it took me about 60 seconds to tell the stranger where to stay on his upcoming trip to Boise.  No big whoop.

I got the email after I signed up for because I registered not only where I live (not specifically, but the city), but also every place I’ve been in this big world.   I have some expertise to dole out!

Here is a bit about the AFAR community guidelines: AFAR helps like-minded travelers and locals inspire, guide, and connect with each other, to enable deeper, richer, more immersive experiences around the globe.

The website is still in Beta, but I did hear back from the fellow that I gave the tip about the Modern Hotel to: he LOVED it.  Enough to write back and say so.  

Which has energized me for the next person who needs a tip about Boise.  Or Los Angeles, NY, Paris, Asheville…