Photo Credit: Nintendo

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Universal Parks & Resorts has just announced a partnership with Nintendo that will include bringing themed attractions to the amusement parks. That means we could see the likes of Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong turned into thrilling rides.

This is a big move for Nintendo as it tries to expand revenue through its creative properties. The company previously announced the development of new games for smartphones and tablets so this is another step in the process of growing the Nintendo portfolio.

The chance for gamers to experience their favorite games and characters in parks is sure to be a huge draw. Universal has amusement parks worldwide including Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando Resort, and parks in both Japan and Singapore.


Real Life Mario Kart?

If you’re looking to find out exactly which Nintendo properties will get the amusement park treatment, then you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer. So far, the company has said only that it is working on the most popular characters, but has offered no details on exactly who or exactly what kinds of rides fans will get to enjoy.

Personally, I’m looking for as close to real-life Mario Kart as I can possibly get with Koopa shells to lob at my opponents and power-up mushrooms. The line for that ride starts behind me.