A family road trip can be a lot to take on, especially when the trip is coinciding with a holiday. Luckily, as TravelingMoms we have been there and have come up with 6 tips to make  the family road trip one to enjoy!

Over the past 10 days, I drove with my 4 and 6 year old from Rhode Island to South Carolina and back during a family holiday. I  was the only adult and driver in the vehicle. Yup, those many miles as the only driver.

No one to hand snacks, toys, drinks, tissues and stop the fights except myself. It was me, my maps, and stocked vehicle on this journey. Hopefully some of the lesson learned on my trip will help you with any future family road trips you plan to take.

Here are my six tips:

1. Know Where you Are

Know exactly where you are gong on your family road trip

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No matter whether you have a GPS or your printed Google map, you must always bring an up to date Atlas.

2. Bring the Right Gear

Always pack AC adapters for your electronic equipment as you will get tired of switching the car adapter every 30 minutes to keep all the equipment charged and ready.

3. Save the Movies

Do not start playing the DVD’s early in the trip as you will need them later.

4. History Lessons Help

Brush up some history before you go so you can explain some of the sights you may pass or see on the trip.

5. Download Apps Beforehand

Download some fun iPhone/iTouch apps for kids. Let them each have it say for 10 minutes and then swap.

6. Bring Other Things to Fill Time

why do you love family road trips?

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Paper and crayons/pens/pencils can record memories, make pictures for those you are visiting/missing or for writing thank you cards on your way home.

With these tips you’ll find that a family road trip isn’t as scary as it sounds! What are you essential tips for when you hit the road with your family?