travelwithkidWhen flight attendant Steven Slater activated the emergency slide on that JetBlue airplane, he launched a national conversation on travel rage—that we continued at our August 16 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party, #TMOMrage.

How do you deal with travel rage? Try to remain positive, give yourself plenty of time, and of course, bring chocolate. All are favorite coping mechanisms for traveling moms everywhere.

Q1: What do you think of the Steven Slater JetBlue incident?

@CindyRichards:  I think generally a little common courtesy would help. Needs to start with the airlines.


@tunmun: I feel like there needs to be more courtesy from flight attendants AND travelers.

@worldshoppe: I don’t have an issue with Steven Slater’s response. Though unprofessional, I would just tell kids he was having a bad day and move on.

Q2: Have you ever witnessed travel rage? What happened?

@travelingmoms: I’ve been lucky—I had a few people who were over served on a flight, but it didn’t get out of hand.

@SMLCFH: The few times I’ve seen rage it’s been more of a hissy fit and not full on rage.

Although they haven’t seen much air rage, one mom shared an interesting fact:


@justicecw: There are 3,166 passengers listed on the FAA’s unruly list.

Q3: What makes you angry when you travel?


@judy511: I can’t stand not knowing what is happening: on a stuck subway, in a sudden pile up on the highway, sitting on the runway…

@travelingmoms: Poor service makes me angry! I shouldn’t hear about flight delays from Orbitz before I hear from the gate attendant.

@tunmun: Long lines at the check-in counter.

Q4: Share your worst travel story.

@SMLCFH: Traveling in a snow storm and having to spend overnight in the airport preggers because they ran out of rooms for us.

@tunmun: Driving to Vegas on NYE from LA I was stuck in traffic 11+ hours. It was an absolute nightmare!

@glassfishie: Overseas for 5 months, flight home cancelled, next flight was a 5 hour wait.

One of our moms offered a good perspective when traveling experiences start going sour:


@mellanhead: I really don’t have a worst travel story. I realize stuff happens and getting mad about it doesn’t do anything but to get you on YouTube.

Q5: Share your best travel story. Did someone help you?

It seems our twitterers are most satisfied with the little simple acts of kindness…


@tunum: In San Francisco, I was at a sandwich shop and the cashier offered orange juice while I waited. Nice gesture.

@mellanhead: Had a flat tire while traveling to my brother’s across the state. Nice family pulled over to help me.

Q6: What would you tell your kids if they witnessed travel rage?

@SMLCFH: Same thing I tell them when we see other inappropriate things…we do not always do what we see.

@cnaes: That all people aren’t like that.

@CindyRichards: I would tell them there are jerks I the world. They shouldn’t be one of them.

And if we let our tempers get the best of us…

@ksceviour: I would tell them to ignore it and not act like mommy all the time lol

Q7: Do your kids fly alone? What will you tell them about flying in the wake of Steven Slater?

@travelingmoms: My 14-year-old flies alone. A new “beware” topic to add to the ever growing list.

While some moms have no choice but to let their kids fly alone, one mom wouldn’t do it.


@tunmun: No, I am not comfortable with lettings kids fly alone. Especially after reading about the kids left behind by Delta.

Q8: Is there anything airlines and other travel companies can do to prevent travel rage?


@SMLCFH: Probably not since there will always be unpredictable aspects of human nature.

@glassfishie: I don’t think so. I think it all really starts at home.

@RoleMommy: Kill us with kindness. When we ask a question, don’t roll your eyes and shoo us away.

Q9: How can you avoid travel rage when you travel?


@NomadicKids: Expect less and be happy with kindness that will come your way.

@CindyRichards: Be less rude to EVERYONE! Allow plenty of time to get where you need to be and repeat the mantra: This will take as long as it takes.

@SMLCFH: BREATHE!! and chocolate!

We received a specific and healthy tip for keeping our cool…

@travelingmoms: Bring food. I always travel with a bag of roasted almonds (for protein and crunch) and dried fruit (for sweetness and vitamins).

Q10: Is airline travel even worth it anymore?

@GoApril: FOR SURE!! Our kids need to be citizens of the world!!

@worldshoppe: I could never not travel. Staycations are wonderful too, but I think traveling is too much fun to give up for travel rage.

@glassfishe: It is a part of life. We all have to learn to deal with it and be patient with each other.

Not traveling is definitely not an option, but maybe not by airplane…

@kimorlando: Tough question! My road trip was long enough but so easy!

@RoleMommy: With all that turbulence, I’d prefer to take the train or go by boat if I could.

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