luggage-1Packing for vacation can be stressful, especially moms who travel with kids. But if you pack well, it can help you have an awesome family holiday. Check out these great packing tips from our September 13 TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party.

Moms shared their best packing secrets and favorite can’t live without travel gadgets. And on the other end, they shared their biggest packing mistakes and embarrassing moments (including bringing back more tequila than allowed from Mexico!)

Q1: What’s your best tip for packing light?



@flywithbaby: Be serious about what you really will use and find out what will be available at the other end like hair dryer, exercise equipment, crib, etc.


Simplicity while packing is key! And we had some other creative tips…

@CruiseBuzz: I found that layering the same clothes with scarves make it look like I have more outfits than I do on vacation.

@CarissaRogers: We’re going to Christmas in Tahoe. We’ll rent clothes when we get there (we have no winter clothes…)

@mabelhood: Look into baby/child gear rentals at your destination. Many places offer stroller/crib + more!

Q2: What’s your biggest packing mistake?


@collegevisit: Not checking the weather for a business trip. Cold front came in- had to buy fleece!


Seems like OVER packing  is a common problem…

@twokidsandamap: Bringing too many jars of baby food overseas. I was afraid we would run out in transit. We didn’t.

@thegeekwife: Packing too much junk and not enough necessities. Like not taking pants liners and boots to Gburg in winter.

@nancyberk: Overdoing shoes for everyone.

Q3: What’s your packing secret?

@LibbysLibrary: I usually travel with a carry on bag with wheels and check in one full bad and one empty…have to have room for shopping!

@kimorlando: My packing secret is a friend who rearranged my outfits so I look like I have style. And I pack LESS.

@LuxuryTravelMom: I have a duffel bag for each child with their initials on it.

I’ll have to try this one…

@travlerbarista: I sneak stuff into my husbands bag…shhh, don’t tell him!

Q4: What’s your most embarrassing customs moment?

@linesbylyons: When the agent said my husband’s passport photo made him look like a terrorist- worst she has seen in 19 years on the job.

@supermomplace: They went through my undies, spilled my tampons & unorganized the two stacks of diapers.

@juliecole: When my kids puked going through customs. But it wasn’t embarrassing…they were being kind of mean to us.

@thegeekwife: Bringing back more than our allowance in tequila from Mexico.

Sounds like an interesting trip, though!

Q5: What features would you like to have in a suitcase?

@thegeekwife: A suitcase that has a jewelry and makeup compartments built in..less bags.

@LuxuryTravelMom: I now make sure EVERYTHING has wheels, we had to transfer trains in France with all duffels: no carts, no guy = one sweaty, angry hubby.

Some moms may be having some wishful thinking with their suitcases…

@judy511: Martini shaker built in?

@SarahBHawaii: A strap so my kids can sit on it and be rolled around.

And when the conversation strayed to laundry talk…


@CindyRichards: There is far too much talk of laundry & ironing at this party. Isn’t travel supposed to be fun?!?!?

@judy511: Do laundry naked.

Well that’s a good way to make separating darks and lights more interesting…

Q6: What kind of packing gadgets do you have? What do you want?

@twokidsandamap: No packing gadgets besides space bags. Love my luggage scale.

@GoBIG_GoHome: I have an insulated case that I pack my curling iron in when still hot. Handy for us big-haired girls still livin’ in the 80’s.

@CindyRichards: Fave packing gadget: Those bags that you suck the air out of. Amazing how much dirty clothes they hold (and hide from customs).

@greenwooddavis: I’ve got a small luggage scale. Has saved my wallet a few times.

Q7: Do you have an electronics limit? How do you keep all the cords and chargers organized?

@CruiseBuzz: I will bring a power strip on the cruise ships to plug all my devices into.

@twokidsandamap: I bring laptop, hubs brings work laptop, dslr camera and all lenses, phone, cords for everything.

@threehautemanas: I keep the cords organized with binder clips and zip locks. Like most everything in my life.

@threehautemamas: Love my iGo Charger! One charger: charges laptop, phone, iPod…and it doesn’t have to be plugged in!

Q8: What is your shoe limit?

@pontowd: I try to keep 3 pairs at the max.

@GoBIG_GoHome: I try to keep 3 pairs, and always wear the sneakers on the plane so there’s no mistaking me for an American tourist!

@SarahBHawaii: I am shoe girl but they are all flip flops- I have a rainbow of colors (they pack easier too)

@twokidsandamap: I am a Florida girl. I bring flip flops to wear the entire time.

Seems like simplicity is the way to go again. But what about for us shoe lovers?

@LuxuryTravelMom: My shoe limit is 50 pounds.

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