eating_outFinding healthy, affordable foods when traveling is the No. 1 challenge for traveling families, according to moms who participated in our TravelingMom Monday Twitter Party on Agu. 2. We focused on Travel Eats with food expert panelists chefdruck, olverajennifer and DavidJLatt.

We teamed up with Schwan’s, giving away some great prizes to twitter fans joining the party. If you missed the fun, here is a recap of what went on during our weekly travel talk. 

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Q1 – What challenges do you face when eating meals while traveling?

take2mommy?:  finding decent/healthy food at the right price is our traveling food challenge!

rsj2000mrs?: travelingmoms Trying to make healthy choices while eating out

CruiseBuzz had a different challenge of her own:

Cruizebuzz to CindyRichards My main problem is dealing with whining in general.

Q2 – What are your best tips for eating out with children?

OneTwoMany?: travelingmoms I make sure that they choose healthy sides to eat a complete meal

tunmun?:  pack a few healthy snacks while on the road so they’re full – they might not opt for french fries then

pobrokefolk ?:  i keep them entertained with crayons and paper.


lovethatmax: Also, when you get to restaurant, ask for veggies. If kids are really hungry, they’ll start nibbling on them.

Q3 – Do you have picky eaters in your family? How do you navigate that on family vacations? I think everyone has one of these in their family. Sensitivities to certain foods or just that kid who will eat Nuggets and Nuggets only shaped like a dinosaur.

sweetone624 ?:  the little boy I watch is so so picky, pbj is something easy to take when we go places

davidjlatt?: stressfreebaby before the trip, ask the kids to put together a snack-food bag to carry in a back pack

I think TravelingMom Editor Cindy Richards had the answer that will resolve any picky eater challange

CindyRichards?:  Discovering all-inclusives was the best antidote to my picky eater. No stress. “Don’t like that? Go get something else.”

A confession made by LoveThatMax

LoveThatMax?: Is it really bad I’m tossing back the Oreos as we’re talking about healthy kid food?

Q4 – Do you to try new foods or rely on comfort foods when traveling?

UnorderedRedial?:  i always try new food everywhere i go

olverajennifer ?: kimorlando Farmers markets with kids in new city is a great way to get the pulse of the place. Healthy, too.

Q5 – What are you favorite exotic foods? Not everyone was ready for exotic foods but it seems the attempts are made while traveling.

GoBIG_GoHome?:  I love Indian cuisine. The fam, not so much.

sweetone624?: travelingmoms hummus, don’t think I am in too much to exotic foods

Q6 – How can you get kids to be more adventurous eaters? Three GREAT tips from the discussion

tornxnxfrayed ?:  I think they would try more things if they see you trying them first.

OneTwoMany?:  i let my kids try a small amount of food and go from there; never force

GoBIG_GoHome?:  If my daughter sees an older kid she admires eating something new, she’ll usually try it.

Q7 – What is your favorite travel snack? Ever tried any of these great snacks? Perfect for your next plane ride, road trip or just at home

CindyRichards?:  My kids’ fave travel snack: frozen grapes. They’re like mini-popsicles.

justicecw ?:  Love making a mix of nuts, m and m’s and dried fruit

mellanhead?:  Jelly belly beans and chips. Way to much junk food

MomsBestBets?: grapes, goji berries, and mac nuts

Q8 – How do you help your family eat healthy on vacation?

fce431?:  we pack a cooler with fruit and cheese sticks

TheTravelExpert?: Fruits and veggies are still part of the menu 🙂

Q9 – What are other ways to stay fit/healthy while traveling?

OneTwoMany?:  we try and find many activities to do, zoo, museums, malls – anywhere to walk

BackyardQueen ?:  Take frisbees, balls & gloves, skipping ropes, etc in the car for rest areas or turn up the music & dance.

travlersbarista ?: We walk as much as possible – Swim in the hotel pools

Q10 – How do you save money on food while traveling? Who doesn’t love to save money? I love the idea of splitting meals – most restaurants these days seem to be providing enough food for two in one meal.

BackyardQueen ?: Splitting restaurant portions, booking hotel with comp. breakfast or fridges and buying local produce.

travlersbarista?: : try to book a hotel with a kitchen or fridge to keep fresh fruits and snack

olverajennifer : Hit the local grocer–unfamiliar brands can make in-room dining fun!

rsj2000mrs?:  When planning vacation purchase an entertainment book 4 that area…great coupons for restaurants & attractions.

Q11 – Do you cook on vacation? Why or why not? The response was half and half. Many vacationers stick to cooking in for budgetary reasons, while the other half relaxes and leaves the cooking to the restaurants.

mellanhead?:  no because it is vacation! Lol

supermomcentral ?:  We are pretty laid-back though – nothing fancy when we cook on vacation. Basics we all love like spaghetti.

travelingmoms?: Schwans will deliver meals right to your hotel room – the only “cooking” you do is heating it up!

Q12 – What is your best vacation family meal memory?

CindyRichards?:  My fave family vacay food memory is toasting marshmallows, making s’mores over a campfire when we were kids.

MomsBestBets?:  I remember as a kid my whole family cooking the seafood we caught at our beach house in Nags Head NC-yummy!

scatteredmom gave two great vacation memories – Serious and funny!

scatteredmom?:  we did a “Food Revolution” Vacay and pledged to eat no fast food. It was kinda hard!

scatteredmom ?:  Funniest? Where we found ourselves at Walmart asking random ppl where the “real” restaurants were.