TSA Precheck

Photo Credit: Desiree Miller/Family Fun TravelingMom

Few people enjoy going through security at the airport, whether it’s because of long lines, they don’t like removing their laptop and other electronics from their cases, or they cringe at removing their shoes just put them on again on the other side. Or, if you’re like me, it’s for all of the above reasons.

Now you can zip through security in a fraction of the time if you’re willing to be part of the TSA PreCheck Program.

The TSA PreCheck essentially gets your info in advance, allowing the agency to look into your background and assign you a number that you could use for future flights to show you are not a likely threat (a special card highlighting your status would be cool, but all you get is a number).


You’ll need to meet with the TSA folks, bring a birth certificate or passport, submit fingerprints on the spot, and pay an $85 fee. In exchange, you won’t have to wait through security lines ever again (OK—that last part isn’t true—it’s just for five years, but still, five years).

While waiting for an international flight one morning, I had two and a half hours to kill, so I decided to visit the TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center set up in the Atlanta airport (in Terminal A, between Gates 19 and 20—anyone can go if they can get through security—ironic, huh?).

The office opened at 9 and I got there at about 8:40. There were four people waiting in front of me, but once the office opened, each person flew right through. Some of them had filled out pre-screening forms and they took about five minutes each. I didn’t, so my appointment took all of seven minutes.

It was simple.

Now, they’ll run a check to make sure all of my info checks out and then send me the all-clear.

And there will be no more security hassle here.

I just hope it’s before my next flight.

Want to know more? Go to http://TSA.gov.