What makes your family travel memorable? What do you do when vacation disasters strike? How do you keep your family organized? Find out the truth about family travel from the TravelingMom Twitter party sponsored by Residence Inn.

What makes your vacations memorable? What do you do when disasters strike? Find out the truth about family travel from TravelingMom and their fans.

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Do your family vacations come off without a hitch? Or maybe your family travels are more like the Griswalds in Vacation? Find out the truth about family travel, how we prepare for our family travels, and what we do when a vacation disaster strikes.

What Makes Family Travel Memorable?

TravelingMom asked our fans what makes their family trips memorable. For many, the answer was just spending time together. But the number one answer was the shared experience of doing something new.

How Can Disaster Vacations Become Fond Memories?

My husband has a theory: Part of what binds a family together is sharing a miserable vacation experience. The TravelingMom fans agreed that at the moment it stinks, but disasters make the best stories later. MUCH later. A shared vacation disaster inspires teamwork and resourcefulness to make the most of a bad situation.

What Are Your Must-Haves Hotel Amenities?

TravelingMoms and their fans know exactly what they want in a hotel. Must-haves included a loyalty program, laundry facilities, water slide, separate TV for the kids, soft and fluffy pillows, and a shuttle to local attractions. TravelingDad Paul Eisenberg is just happy if the hotel room is clean and meets his daughter’s standards.

Family travel must-haves include a kitchenette, fridge and/or microwave. Learn more about the truth of family travel on TravelingMom.com.

Residence Rooms come standard with kitchenette. Photo Credit: Residence

The top two must-haves are a pool and a hotel with free breakfast and/or kitchen. TravelingMom Maria Smith likes hotels with either a free breakfast or a kitchen so her family can save money by making some of their meals. Kitchens are a literal life saver for TravelingMom Jana Seitzer who has food allergies to accommodate on her family’s travels. Kitchenettes, like the ones in all Residence Inn rooms, help TravelingMom Margarlit Frances travel with her autistic son because she can fix him meals on his schedule.

Where Do Your Family Travel Plans Take You This Summer?

Whether we took a year to plan or decided at the last minute, the TravelingMom fans plan to travel all over the country.

The beach is a popular destination, and our fans have vacation plans from coast to coast in Florida, Oregon, and the Jersey Shore. My family has already visited the California coast twice this summer at Coronado and Venice Beach. Still, others plan to stay home and enjoy local attractions or do day trips to surrounding areas.

From coast to coast, beaches are a top family travel spot for TravelingMom fans. That is just one of our truths about family travel.

Hanging ten at Venice Beach on the California coast. Photo Credit: Kuleen Lashley/ Kid-at-Heart TravelingMom

What is Your Favorite Family Travel Memory?

TravelingMom Rebecca shared a story of swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman. Her then 6-year-old climbed up on her back almost to her shoulders because he was terrified of the stingrays. @Littlebmom’s favorite travel memory is taking her son to meet family for the first time.

It probably isn’t a big surprise that many people said that taking their kids to Disney World for the first time is their favorite travel memory. @themomentmom said it best, “I can’t beat Disney World and the first time my kids saw their favorite characters!”

What Are Your Family Travel Splurges?

Many of our fans like to save money on accommodations and splurge on activities. They don’t feel like they are in the room enough to pay a lot of money. But others feel a good night’s sleep is essential to enjoy activities so they will splurge on their hotel.

Our TravelingMoms love to try out local foods, but they are more likely to splurge on meals if they are traveling as a couple rather than with their family.

Hotel Room Organizing Tips

Our Traveling Moms and fans have tons of tips to keep a hotel room organized.

Learn packing tips for your summer travel plans. HINT: Use Ziplocs or packing cubes to save room in your suitcase.

TravelingMom Kathy Penney uses packing cubes to fit more items in her suitcase. Photo Credit: Kathy Penney/ Special Needs TravelingMom

    • Use Ziplocs or packing cubes (one color per person) to organize clothing
    • Pick up the hotel room frequently
    • Pack by stops, so you can easily get to what you need at each location
    • Bring a pop-up hamper for dirty clothes
    • Use a clear, hanging shoe organizer to store things in the room
    • Have everyone use a separate drawer in the hotel room
    • Unpack and get organized as soon as you arrive, and get the suitcases out of the way

My favorite tip: “I’m supposed to be organized?”