poochinasuitcaseJust returned from Mexico where we spent a glorious week basking in the tropical sun while ocean breezes wafted over our bronzed bodies as we sipped margaritas and pina coladas.
Never once did we think of the weather we were missing from the Midwest or the rush-hour traffic that is our daily bane.

But every single day, at least three times a day, we talked about how much we missed our little Poopins (JoJo).  Our time there was good, but hubby and I instinctively knew how much better it could have been had we had our little guy right there with us frolicking on the beach and taking a cool dip in the pool right along side Mom and Dad.

One day as we were shopping in town for, yet, more crap that we didn’t need that would ultimately get immediately stored in our basement, I saw an English-speaking woman with a tiny dog on a leash.  Naturally, I had to make an inquiry.  She was, in fact, from the States and told me that getting her little Poopins there was not a problem.  She simply paid the fee to take him on board with her in a carrier.  It turns out that in Mexico and Canada and many of the Caribbean islands, there are no quarantine requirements, at least not for your pet.  Your spouse may be another issue.  However, for Fido, you simply need all up-to-date health documentation for the airlines and for entry into the country or island.  But consider another important factor and that is that your pet may be too old, too young, or simply not ready or able to acclimate to travel.  Remember, they have feelings, too.

Now mind you, the fees today to carry your sweeties on board is pretty outrageous.  Depending on the airline, it can run anywhere from $75 to $200, EACH WAY!  But to us, a small price to pay to have Babykins by our side.  A few years ago I did a four county search to find the perfect camp environment (kennel) for our kid and did, in fact, find the perfect place.  Love, love, LOVE our animal caregivers at JoJo’s “camp” and trust them implicitly.  And the facility is state-of-the-art with music piped in, special grooming apparatus, etc., so we done good with that one.  But it cost us $310 for the week which included a daily walk and play time.  But for that money, we could have taken him with us and done our own walk and play time.


The other issue is accommodations.  Now interestingly, there are many hotels and resorts that will allow you to take your pet if Baby is 25 lbs. or less.  If your darling is larger than that, travel on board can be a problem and you might be relegated to shoving him in the cargo area.  I will never, ever allow my pet to be stuck down there and won’t even address the possibility here.  I would suggest that if that’s where you might have to put him, then exercise a kennel option instead.  Much safer and calmer for the animal.

But back to accommodations, always call a hotel in advance to find out their policies on allowing pets and be sure to get someone’s name when calling.  The other option, as was the case of the woman I spoke with in town, is to rent a house or villa or some kind of private residence where you won’t have any problems whatsoever.  But again, make sure in advance when you contract for the space.

So, there you have it.  When you decide to lay under a palm tree and watch the waves come splashing in and can’t pull your thoughts away from Little Poops, consider taking him and his little straw hat and sunglasses down to the tropics right along with you.  Listen, he works hard protecting the house, making sure your furniture is properly redesigned with his teeth marks, and decorating the rugs and carpets with his special brand.  Good grief, with all that responsibility, he needs a vacation, too!

Adios for now and remember, just say ARF!