makeup-containerMost woman tend to carry around makeup all the time. However, when traveling it usually tends to be more because you never know what you’ll need when your on vacation. You have to be cautious of how your transport all that makeup when travel. Luckily, there I have a tip you probably haven’t thought about to make traveling with makeup so much easier!

Do you tend to travel with makeup? Of course you do! If you are someone who doesn’t brings a ton of product with you when away from home… I envy you. I pretty much pack everything but the kitchen sink when I know I’m going away. And truthfully, it doesn’t matter if my trip is two days or eight. I need exactly the same things. It’s important for me to look my best when I know a camera might be involved. However traveling with makeup, especially liquids, can be a real pain.

Traveling with Makeup Tip

My suggestion on how to pack makeup isn’t glamorous, I know. You probably never thought to use a Chinese food container to bring along your makeup while on vacation, but that’s exactly what I do each and every time I travel. This is the only way I can figure out to keep my liquids secure. This unfortunately is a lesson I had to learn the HARD WAY. I can’t count how many times my foundation bottle has opened up during a flight. Everything gets ruined! You can’t wipe cover-up off of suede boots.

(Believe me, I tried)

These Chinese food containers LOCK tight which is great for those who travel with a lot of liquids.


Typically, I bring two or three containers along. One for the lipsticks, eyeliners, mascaras and gloss. Another for anything that can cause damage – the brushes, powders, and foundations. Last but not least, a separate container for moisturizers, toner, cleansers and wipes. I told you I’m a packaholic!

Using these containers also makes displaying / storing your arsenal in the bathroom really compact. After you finish putting on your face, you just close up the containers and stack them in a corner leaving you plenty of room for your hair products. 🙂

Do you have a great tip for traveling with makeup? I would love to hear! Leave your suggestions in the comments