pregnant1I have traveled during both of my pregnancies.  Lilly, when I was about 4months and Logan when I was 7½ months.  Both pregnancies were healthy and I had no reservations about traveling.  But while I did so, I learned a few important things that I did not know about until I experienced them.First off and most importantly, if you plan to travel while pregnant consult your doctor.  Also check with your airline if you plan to fly.  Some airlines have restrictions on travel and may require a doctor’s note.

Now on to the things I learned on my own, not by a doctor’s advice or by reading online.


If you’re taking a vacation to enjoy some sunshine before the big arrival, drink lots of water to keep hydrated (more than usual).  Woohoo!  As if you hadn’t taken enough potty breaks!  

My husband and I took a trip to Palm Springs to enjoy our last vacation alone before the arrival of our second child.  It was hot and I enjoyed every moment by the pool that I could, in my two piece bikini, flaunting my big round belly covered in 50spf.  With a latte in hand (decaf of course) I was oblivious to what was going on inside.  I had been drinking water but not enough!  Leaving the rain in Seattle to 80-90 degree weather was a vast change for my body that was already in overdrive to make a baby.  That evening as I lay in our hotel room I started feeling contractions.  They were consistent and enough to be worrisome.  Luckily with some common sense I laid down and drank lots of water and took it easy.  After about an hour they finally subsided.  I learned when I returned home from my doctor that dehydration caused the contractions, and YES, can even put someone into labor if you don’t rest and rehydrate as I did. 



During that hour I was contracting I was worried and we had to consider a possible trip to the hospital, but WHERE was it? And what if I had to stay there?  I was suddenly questioning if I should have taken the trip and wondered what the doctors would be like in another city.  So my thought on this; consider where you plan to travel and what their hospitals are like.  I can’t imagine had I been in the same situation and in another Country or city that I felt uncomfortable about the hospitals. Also some hospitals are not equipped to handle premature deliveries, thus leaving you with the need to be transferred by medi-vac to another hospital.  Feel comfortable with your travel destination and research the hospital and know it’s location before you go.  Remember, you are pregnant, and new, exciting third world destinations can be enjoyed at another time in your life.

Your Skin is not your Skin when you’re Pregnant!

Age spots, sun spots, and ugly brown patches on your skin and face…all words to describe Hyperpigmentation.  Something I hadn’t experienced until all that time I enjoyed by the pool came back to bite me in the rear!  I used sunscreen as I always do, but after returning home from my relaxing time from Palm Springs I noticed a large patch of brown skin on my forehead.  I figured it would just go away and had no clue what it was.  A couple months later after having my son and finally caring about what I looked like again I visited my esthetician and learned that when you’re pregnant your skin is more vulnerable than EVER!  So my weekend in the sunshine has now evolved into a lifetime of hiding the sun from my face and fighting hyperpigmentation on my forehead.  Not a fun thing to deal with and something that could have been prevented had I known before.


•If flying, request an aisle seat for those frequent bathroom trips and take them so you get a break to walk around and not have to sit the entire flight

•Keep a box of crackers handy for unexpected or maybe even some expected nausea during your travels

•BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING! Bring doctors information, any records you have or information about your current pregnancy and if you’re leaving any children at home (as I did), be comfortable with where they are at in case you are unable to come home as planned (as with any trip). 

•BEST OF ALL…RELAX!  If your trip is for a vacation, be sure to make it a true vacation and pamper yourself!  If you don’t normally treat yourself, now is the time!  I did a couples massage with my husband and it was the best time I’ve ever had at a spa