We just got home from a road trip that took us through seven states (twice) and over 2400 miles when it was all said and done. Not only do I love being a contributor to Traveling Mom, but I also constantly read each new article for travel advice and places to add to our must see travel list (which is as tall as I am now!).

We did extensive planning to prepare for the road trip and one of the web sites I visited often was this one, Traveling Mom! Here are some examples of how Traveling Mom helped us on our road trip:

7 FREE Things to do in Sevierville helped me locate the Dolly Parton Statue! No, really! We stayed at Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort and when we were totally waterlogged we hopped in the car and explored Downtown Sevierville. Thanks to this article we were able to check out the statue of the very young Dolly Parton!

We learned about the Colonial Parkway and the different parks nearby in 10 FREE Family Friendly Things to do in the Historic Triangle. Instead of speeding through town to get to our next stop when we drove through the Historic Triangle, we paid more attention to the different pull-offs that were available.

Number 21 of 21 Tips for Better Road Trips suggests that you keep track of your gas mileage. We did make sure that we kept track of it and did indeed notice a difference in gas consumption when we were traveling quiet country roads as opposed to the 70 mph highways.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Family Roadtripping states that you should build time into your trip for road trip detours. We usually power through the drive to maximize the time at our actual destination. We have been trying to be much better about this because we know we are missing out on some great attractions. On this trip, we took the time to visit sites and attractions that were off of the highways. My kids got to mine for gems in Sweetwater, Tennessee, play on a playground at a small winery in Bloxom, Virginia, and eat ice cream in Fort Deposit, Alabama!

How has Traveling Mom helped you plan your trips?