Unfit, overweight and /or overwhelmed? Debi Silber inspires Traveling Moms to "get their mojo back" by incorporating gradual lifestyle changes.

Pack everything you need for a workout:  sneakers, workout clothes, music, book, whatever you need.

Bring resistance bands – they are light and compact and accomplish the same thing as free weights.  No bands?  Use your body as resistance and do some push ups, chair dips, crunches and squats.

Get outside and jog, run or walk. New places offer new sights so take advantage!  If the weather isn’t cooperating, use the hotel gym or check to see if the hotel offers equipment you can use in your room.


Choose an active vacation that includes bike riding, canoeing or hiking.  Combining sight seeing and fitness makes activity seem effortless.

Drink water and wear sunscreen if you are outside. 

Strive to be active every day.  Vacations don’t have to mean time off from activity.  Instead, you can use the extra time you have to exercise in ways you find fun, fresh and exciting.

Debi is a mom of 4, whole health coach, personal trainer and Registered Dietician. Read Debi’s blog or visit her site for free reports and consistent motivation.