886910_54579308Nothing ages you more than air-travel.  It’s dehydrating, it’s anxiety-ridden (at least until you get through security), it’s exhausting. That’s why, despite TSA (Traveling Safety Authority) regulations, a TravelingMom needs her skin care with her at all times!

In order to bring liquids (inclduing face cream) on board an airplace, you have to follow the 3-1-1 rule:  3 oz of liquid or less per container, 1 quart sized plastic bag to hold them, and 1 bag per customer. Unfortunately, many skin  and hair care products come in larger than 3 oz containers.  Plus, let’s fact it, as we age, we have a cleanser, a serum, a day cream, a night cream, an eye cream….and that’s just for the face!  What about hair products?  Foundation? 

Kinda gets tough.

But fear not, I have the solution.  And it’s not those expensive “travel sized” bottles of things they sell at the drug store.  Quite the contrary – I’m talking freebies.


Visit just about any department store costmetic department, your local Sephora, or websites like the ones listed here, and you can score big in the free sample department. In department stores, it’s either mini-tubes (.25 oz) that are good for one or two applications,  (great if you’re flying somewhere just for the weekend.) or single use packets.  These are extremely handy.  They are not bottles at all.  You can pack a ton of those little packets.  Try a different product every night of your trip if you like.

At Sephora, they dole out generous samples in adorable little bitty jars. You could get one of everything, and still have plenty of room left over in your one quart bag for a full 3oz sized sunscreen.  Bringing that is a must, wherever you travel.

Because if you want to stay Ageless…suncsreen is the way to go.

So travel with all your products., keep your skin looking great, and get to try out some new products while you’re at it.  You might like one, and actually go back to the store where you bought it to buy a full-sized one for home. 

And that’s why they give out those samples in the first place.