Do not let yourself get so hungry that you binge.  Skipping meals is a critical mistake.    Listen to your body.  It does not have to be lunch time or dinner time to eat.  Have a healthy snack to avoid that feeling of the black hole in your stomach that occurs when your blood sugar level gets too low. 

You will be pleasantly surprised how a little in-between snack, a banana for example, cuts down on the size of your next planned meal. 



Low-fat Flavored Yogurt
Mixed Nuts (2 TBSP)
Cottage Cheese, (½ cup)
1 Banana
1 Apple w/1 tbsp of Natural Peanut Butter
Protein Bar
Soy Chips
Carrots & Celery w/ light dip
Skim Chocolate Milk

Beverly Caen has made health and fitness a part of her life as a mom of three and Wall Street recruiter.  Her portable workouts: Sane Fit QuickStart and Sane Fit Preggers are available on