When you have kids who live in major U.S. cities and the whole family travels, all you really want to do when bad things happen, like in Brussels today, is to get everyone home. But the reality is, you can’t and you shouldn’t. Here’s how one Traveling Mom of world-traveling children responds when something like the Brussels bombing rocks our world.

safety tips for your kids

Syd enjoying the world around her. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.


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When Bad Things Happen

I wanted to send a text message to my young adult twins today telling them to stay off the subways, but as my husband reminds me, “one day won’t make a difference”.  So, what did I do instead?


I first called American Airlines to get help with purchasing a ticket, because the on-line purchase button was missing and we are headed to New York City in two days to spend the weekend with our daughter and we are still going.  Then, I sent a simple text message to the twins that is so sad in today’s environment, but I had to send.

Morning guys.  Please make sure you put your satellite radios in your bags today and carry them with you. Love you, Mom.

Truth is, bad things happen everywhere and whether we are at home and all together or all over the world, you never know when terrorist attacks will happen.  We cannot restrict our children or ourselves to stay at home nor should we.  What we can do is be alert and be smart.

Shortly after the Paris attacks, my husband purchased Delorme inReach radios for all four of us.  When we were all together shortly after, he set them up and we all had lessons on how to use them.  We did get lazy and stopped carrying them with us daily, but today in Brussels reminds us we need to have them.  When cell towers are shut down these will work; all you need is to see the sky.  So, today is a reminder to take them with us always.

safety tips for your kids

Our Delorme inReach radios at the ready. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

How to keep kids safe when they travel without us.Here are the top safety tips we share with our children and remind ourselves:

  1. Be alert and watch your surroundings.
  2. If you don’t feel safe, get out of there.  Trust your instincts, because they’re good.
  3. Always have your cell phone (satellite radio) and personal identification on your body, not in a bag you are carrying.
  4. Keep your normal routine and travel paths.  You know them the best and if something happens, you are more familiar with the area and people.
  5. Have an emergency plan for where you are.  When the twins lived at home, we had a meeting place and emergency plan and now that they do not live with us, they need their own plan.  We know their plan and the local people they will be in contact with and where they would go.
  6. Always share your travel plans with your family and/or friends.  Know the airlines, flights, and itinerary.
  7. In airports when you’re waiting for your flight, try to get to the airlines club or where there are fewer people.
safety tips for your kids

My twins in front of the Freedom Tower in New York City. Photo credit Dana Zucker, Luxe Traveling Mom.

Today is a terrible reminder that the world can be a scary and horrific place, but we cannot and should not stop our lives.

Our thoughts are with Brussels.


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