Top 5 Allergy Apps

Photo credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergies TravelingMom

If there is one wish I could have granted, it would be that all of my son Marcus’ allergies would go away and never return. Until that happens, we have to live with them in the best way possible while trying to give him the semblance of a normal life. For a very long time he was my boy in the bubble. Granted, not every child has as severe allergies as my Marcus. There are days simply leaving the house with him is anxiety-inducing. But we go nonetheless. I just make sure never to leave home without my smartphone and its life-saving essential allergy apps.

As a baby, it never fazed him; he never knew better. As he got older and more aware, it became more and more difficult to say no to him and leave him behind.  Can you blame him?  Why should his allergies be holding him back from experiencing the world?  From his parents’ point of view, of course saving his life trumps all, but tell that to a 4-year-old.  Playing it safe was always our motto, but even so, I feel it’s unfair to him.

The first signs of an allergy reaction

Photo credit: Suzanne Chan, Allergies TravelingMom

So we still go, but we try to be prepared as possible. My smartphone has become something of a lifeline for me. These days my phone is never far from me. While nothing will ever takes the anxiety completely away, this mobile mom is grateful for the many allergy apps that help to create a semblance of a normal life for my Marcus.

  1. Allergy Eats is one of my favorite apps. Marcus has severe food allergies and his options for dining out have been, until this app, limited to only a handful of tried and tested restaurants. Allergy Eats expands his choices immensely.  It is a GPS-based app, very similar to Yelp where you can read reviews and leave one of your own.
  2. AroundMe is an all-around handy app to have. In addition to finding the nearest banks, ATM, movie theaters and gas stations, they also can locate the nearest hospitals and pharmacies–which can come in handy when your child is having an allergic reaction.
  3. WebMD Allergy App – If you’ve got food allergies, you’ve probably got environmental allergies as well. I know that when pollen is high, my boys’ immune systems are being assaulted from every front. It’s not uncommon for Marcus to have pre-asthmatic symptoms while Lucas’ eczema will be flaring. When I’m feeling like ripping my skin off from my own allergies, I know to keep a sharp eye on my two little guys.
  4. WebMD’s Allergy App gives me a heads up whether the next few days are going to be tough or confirm what I already knew, the allergen levels are sky-high today! They also give me my customized weather report.
  5. Pocket First Aid & CPR by the American Heart Association is an  iOS and Android app for $1.99. It is updated with the AHA new guidelines for CPR.  What I love is it holds medical profiles for your entire family, which is handy if you have anyone with extensive medical history. It is also pre-loaded with a ton of videos and illustrations including how to use an EpiPen, which means in an emergency, you don’t need a wireless signal.
  6. ScanAvert is an awesome app which scans thousands of grocery items and evaluates if they meet your dietary needs, everything from allergy issues, to religious dietary restrictions as well as breastfeeding moms.