Cardinals gameAre you ready for some St Louis Cardinal Baseball?  I know in our house we have a bit of Cardinal Fever!  This is the first year that my kids really understand the excitement of Cardinal Baseball, of course, that is blame mostly on my kid brother who maybe the biggest Cardinal fan around!  He has been getting them excited about opening day for the past month!   

Baseball games are exciting no matter what age you are, but packing to kids to the ballpark can be overwhelming (I learned the hard way).  After trial and error, or a few chaotic ballgames here is a list of a few things to know about attending a Cardinal Baseball Game at Busch Stadium in St Louis, MO. 

A view from the cheap seats.


My kid brother has told me repeatedly that the view from the cheap seats is the best!  He was right, after I snuck over to visit him in the bleacher seats I saw this incredible view of the field.  My first question to him was how do you get those cheap tickets?  You never hear the statement younger yet wiser, but in this case my kid brother held the StubHub!  He explained to me that he often waits until the day of the game logs on and buys himself a few tickets for nearly nothing. 

In addition, parents, just a small hint, children age three and under do not require a ticket for entry into the ballpark! 

What to bring to the game

Attending a ballgame is almost as stress as catching a plane, or at least knowing what you can and cannot bring is!  I was surprised the first time I attended a baseball game as to what all I was allowed to bring into the stadium.  I am going to make it easy on you and share a list of things that are allowed. 

  • stlcardsBags/Backpacks that do not exceed 16” X 16” X8”
  • Still and Video cameras are allowed.
  • Food and Drinks, but keep in mind alcohol, bottles, cans, thermoses, and hard –sided coolers are not permitted. 
  • Strollers are permitted as long as they do not interfere with other guest or block entryways or isles.  Strollers need to be stored under your seat or be checked at Guest Relations. 
  • Umbrellas are welcome as long as they do not block another guest’s view.

For a complete list of what you can or cannot bring to Busch Stadium visit here.


As a mom, I want to know the easiest, fastest, and best way to get around a place before I visit.  I also often map out where the restroom, food vendors, and emergency services are located.  Busch Stadium provides family restrooms that offer a private area for families with changing stations, and a room for nursing mothers. 

Inside Busch Stadium, you will also find The U.S. Cellular Family Pavilion, located on Level 1 between gates 5 and 6.  The pavilion open two hours to game and stays open one hour after the game, inside the kids will enjoy different activities. 

Arriving at Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium offers parking on site and you can purchase your parking pass in advance for convenience.   I have also discovered the advantage of catching the Metro Link to avoid the traffic jam at the stadium…hint you fellow parents, the ride the stadium is almost as fun as going to the game.

For more tips and secrets for attending a ballgame at Busch Stadium visit their A-Z Guide

Happy Adventures,