beijingeatingkebabsFor people moving, especially with kids, to a developing country like China, what and where to eat is a big concern. I’ll admit up front that street food is one of my favorite things about life in Beijing. Chuan (kebabs), baobing (like pitas), baozi (steamed filled buns), to name just a few. 
If you also find Beijing street food hard to resist, but worry about the risks, here are a few guidelines.

  • Avoid meat if you can, though a lot of what you get on the street is processed. Chuan (kebab) usually come out at night and are fresh when they do. But avoid hot times of day when meat may have been out for a while.
  • Oil is a big concern – fake oil or multiple-use oil. Not much you can do about this one. In fact, while chances are better at regular established restaurants, there is little guarantee of food safety.
  • Look for crowds, especially that look like locals rather than passersby. If you live in a local community you will soon find out which vendors are regular and trustworthy. 
  • Watch them make it.
  •  Eat it sparingly.

Have I missed anything? What are your street food eating tips?