Less stressful holiday

Tips for the gift that keeps on giving: a less stressful holiday.

The holidays can be filled with joy—and stress, especially when you’re traveling with kids. But these tips, gadgets and resources will help make holiday travel with kids less stressful.

Holiday Travel Tip 1: Start Early

Planning is the key to less stressful travel. But what busy traveling mom has time to visit 20 different websites to compare prices, flight times and other options? Instead, choose a site like Expedia.com, where all of the information is in one place. You can find deals on hotels, flights, ProductReviewand rental cars as well as package deals that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Expedia logoThe best part: Expedia is more than just an
online site. It has 24-hour customer service so you can book your family’s holiday travel at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. There’s even an Expedia mobile app so you can plan your travel while you’re waiting in the carpool line.


Robitussen 200Holiday Travel Tip 2: Be Prepared

We’ve all had a kid who gets sick just as the holidays arrive. That’s bad enough for moms (and sad enough for kids) when you’re at home. But it’s really a drag if you’re in a hotel room. Always travel with a stocked first aid and medicine kit that includes basics such as an anti-diarrheals, pain relievers, fever reducers and cold medicines, like Robitussin DM Max liquid-filled capsules. They are in a capsule form, which makes them easier to travel with–just toss them in your bag and go.

pampersHoliday Travel Tip 3: Buy When You Arrive

With luggage fees skyrocketing and the challenge of juggling kids and suitcases, I’m a big believer in traveling light and buying what you need when you arrive. That includes full-size tubes of toothpaste that everyone can share and bulky items like disposable Pampers for the baby. Pampers Swaddlers, soft diapers that are the No. 1 choice of hospitals, now come in sizes up to 5. And they have a “wetness indicator” so you know when the baby needs to be changed—a stress saver for both moms and kids.


LG G2 for holiday travel planningHoliday Travel Tip 4: Consolidate as Much as Possible

You want to snap those funny family photos, shoot that heart-warming video, text or call the relatives who can’t be with you, and keep up with emails while you’re out of the office. No one wants to pack a still camera, video camera, cell phone and laptop or tablet so you can do all of those things.

It’s much better to get one fits-in-your pocket smartphone like the LG G2, an Android phone with a big display, a 13 megapixel camera and a cool dual record function that means you can record your family and be in the photo at the same time.