angkor_watWe often focus on how to travel with your kids but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s nice to take a vacation and leave your kids behind.  Imagine the luxury of reading a book on the plane, sipping a Corona on the beach with no worry of it being knocked over and leisurely dining by candlelight for an extended dinner, not to mention the cost savings of traveling with only two people instead of the entire family. Are you thinking about taking a trip without the kids? Ask yourselves these questions first.

While it sounds easy to just take off and leave the kids with Nana and Papa, there are a few things to consider before buying your tickets for two. Check out these tips for traveling without the kids.

1. Can you handle being away from your kids for the length of your trip?

Some people can’t and choose instead to either stay home or bring the kids with them.  In my case, I can be away from our toddler for a couple of days but I am not yet ready to go an entire day without seeing my three-month-old baby.  For our upcoming 10-day trip to Europe, we decided to hire my sister as a nanny rather than traveling without the kids since we knew we would miss them too much.  It is more expensive but I think we will be happy to have our kids with us.

2. Who do you trust to watch your kids?

should you be traveling without the kids

Staying at grandma’s when mom and dad are on vacation. Photo credit: Pixabay

It is imperative to leave the kids in the care of someone you trust unconditionally.  Otherwise, your seemingly relaxing vacation without kids will turn into a worryfest and quickly take the wind out of your nice vacation’s sails.

3. Should you and your partner travel separately?

It probably sounds ridiculous to plan a trip for you and your partner and then travel to your destination separately, right?  Despite being a bit of a pain, my husband and I choose to do this just in case our plane were to go down, we wouldn’t want our kids to lose both of their parents.  I know, I know, the odds are terribly slim and we are much more likely to get in a car accident driving to the grocery store, but we still book separate flights whenever we are not traveling with the kids.

Should you take your vacation without the kids?

Packing can be just as complicated when you are traveling without the kids, Photo credit: Pixabay

4. Packing is not simplified and in fact can be more complicated.

Don’t leave the kids at home to avoid the extra packing.  Unless you hire someone to come to your house, you still have to take them to their caregivers home which requires just as much packing, if not more, than what you would have to do for the trip.

5. Spend some extra time working on an “adult” itinerary.

You went to all of the trouble to plan to travel without the kids so make the most of your time.  Do things you couldn’t do with the kids like booking a couples massage, going on a sunset dinner sailing excursion or visiting ruines or other locations difficult to visit with your kids.

Most importantly when it comes to traveling without the kids, have fun and enjoy your time away from it all…and your kids.