PottyTrain2As if traveling with a toddler isn’t a handful as it is … throw in potty training a toddler while you’re traveling and it adds a whole new dimension to your trip. The truth is though, the rules for potty training are pretty much prevalent and universal across the map. Obviously though, potty training depends a lot on routines and predictability and if you’re traveling during this time, it seems like it’d just throw it all through a loop. I know first hand though, it won’t, and it CAN be done! Follow my easy tips and then check out my linked list of my potty chairs that I feel are perfect for your traveling needs.

Bring a potty chair

This is especially important if you’ll be taking a roadtrip. Driving TravelingMom tells how she got the job done while on the road with her in-training little one. Having a potty chair with you means no excuses for not doing their doody (pun totally intended) in the potty. There are many different types out there so I’ve attached a list of some of our favorites that were great for our recent travels. Regardless of whether you decide on one from my list or not, make sure you choose one that can be easily stored in your car for on-the-go emergencies.


Prepare to potty train in Public Bathrooms

Ann McArthur recently wrote an article on this on TravelingMom.com and explains why a Post-It note can be your best friend when your toddler needs to use an automatic toilet. If you’re a traveling mom, you’re little one is going to have to get use to airport bathrooms, rest areas, gas station restrooms, etc. It’s all part of the gig.

Continue with the RewardsPottyTrain4

Make sure that you bring the reward snacks, stickers, hugs, etc when you’re on the go. Children respond to positive reinforecement more than anyone and the little extra motivation can go a long way! By keeping with the Rewards system, it ensures your child that just because they’re away from home, doesn’t mean that their routine is different. If the Rewards are working at home … they should still work on the road.

Pick your battles

So be forgiving to your toddler, and to yourself. If you know you’re going to be on a flight where it is going to be virtually impossible to get your little one to the restroom every time he/she needs to go, consider using a pullup instead of big boy/girl underwear.

Know that accidents happen!

Sometimes as mom’s, we just can’t get to the restroom fast enough. And when that happens, you’ll be happy you invested in a carseat cover from Kiddopotamus called a PiddlePad. The PiddlePad is a waterproof seat liner made with velboa fabric that is extremely absorbant and machine washable. Regardless, if an accident does happen, give yourself some slack and move on. Naturally, the familiarity is taken away if you’re little one is on the road while potty training, so just recognize the challenge and keep going.

It is no secret that potty training is tough. But potty training while traveling is an adventure in its own right. However, with a little planning, a little patience, and a package of your toddler’s favorite Disney pullup, it’s totally doable!