memoriesWe all want to preserve our family vacation memories right?  I know I do. But often we don’t capture those memories, because of lack of time, no one wants to lug that heavy camera, or we lack the proper skills to capture that shot.

I am no expert at photography; I am just a girl with a camera, an iPhone, and a hilarious Instagram account!  Today, I am going to share my secrets to how I capture my memories and the tools I use.

I do own an Canon EOS Rebel T3 which I absolutely love, but to be honest I worry every time I travel with it that I may break it, it get stolen, or something bad will go wrong.  I will say if you are an amateur photographer this is the camera for you to shoot amazing photos as it is easy to use and shoots great photos.

However, lately my on the go photos have been shot with my Iphone, many of them have been shot while out on my morning walk, playing at the park with my kids, or just whatever happens to be going on.


Mobile phones have came so far since my first bag phone that had buttons on the back of it and only called a few numbers…..sighh those were the days!   Iphones and many other mobile phones can shoot amazing photos (look below for a few of mine), many of my photos I send through Instagram, I may add a few special effects, but mostly because I can instantly share my photos across my social networks.  I have a few tips for Iphone users.

Take your picture horizontally…note do this for videos also…This will make the picture look bigger and easier to develop if you decide to.

Focus your camera on your phone – if you tap your screen on your phone it will help you focus the camera, this will make your photos look less blurry.

Change the flash option – you can turn the flash on, off, or auto…I typically leave mine on auto, but sometimes during the night hours I turn it off so the photos don’t appear glared.

Shooting a picture through a window – this is the trickiest place to shoot photos as you often get a shadow, however, if you lay the phone against the window you can shoot the picture without being in the picture.

Stand Still – I see people taking pictures driving down the road, walking at something, and wiggling I think no wonder their picture is blurry.  You must stand still as an Iphone is extra sensitive to movement.

Crop your photos – there is an edit button on most Iphones that allow you to crop your photos, if you use Instagram you can do this also.

Take LOTS of pictures – especially if you are taking pictures of your family, I have found that my kids never stand still and always manage to make a funny face….take plenty so you are sure to get one that is great.

Action Shots – these are the trickiest as you usually end up with a blurred hand or something, I suggest you remember to focus, standstill, and take several pictures of the same subject.

Last but probably most importantly, check your case – For the longest time my photos would look dull, rather blurred, I finally discovered that part of my camera lens was covered by the clear part of my case.  Check your phone over if you are having this same problem.

I would love to hear your tips on how you catch breathtaking images with your Iphone and you are welcome to follow me on Instagram and TravelingMom on Instagram!

Happy Adventures,