Redfish Lake Lodge

Just a few weeks ago, it was still light out in the morning with the mercury rising past 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Suddenly, it’s dark and cold in the morning and I find myself longing for summer even before it has fully left us for the southern hemisphere.

Yup, it’s that time of year when those of you who are tired of the heat and enjoy the colder weather revel in the change of season, while I try and come up with ways to prolong summer just a little bit longer.

For those of you, like me, who are looking for ways to make the warm days and summer fun last, here are three ideas to help you out:


1. Take a weekend trip to a local camping spot or favorite summer weekend getaway locale

Two weekends ago, we went to our favorite mountain lake in the scenic Sawtooth Mountains and enjoyed a rare opportunity to stay in the Redfish Lake Lodge (which is booked solid all summer long), enjoy decadent meals in the lodge restaurant without any wait time and even take an appetizer cruise on the resident pontoon boat. With fewer visitors and the workers winding down for the season, it was very relaxing and we were able to take in more of the culture by spending time talking with the locals and meeting other late season travelers.

By accident while on a hike designed to keep ups busy as a cold front lingered, we stumbled upon the inlet campground, closed to campers for the season. We came up with a brilliant idea to buy wood from the store and light a fire in one of the fire pits and heat our bodies and souls with one last campfire of the season.

There’s nothing like one last s’more to draw out summer just a bit longer.

2. Sign up for a hot yoga class

There are few ways to exercise that are better for you than yoga. So why not do yoga in a room that is 104 degrees? I’ll be honest, the first time I tried hot yoga, I thought it was someone’s crazy idea of torture, but a year later I am a convert. Especially when it is cold outside, there is no better way to warm your body up than 80 minutes of yoga in a hot room and it not only gives me the summer fix I’m looking for but it also conditions my body to tolerate the summer heat much better when it does come around again.


3. Jump start it next year by planning a tropical vacation in late Spring

Boot up your computer, pull out your map and pick a place closer to the equator for one of your big trips next year. If, like me, your kids are not yet in school, May is a great time to travel because the rest of the families are busy with the end of the school year. For this reason, we’ve scored some awesome timeshare exchanges in May.

Next year will be the third year we’ve taken our kids to Puerto Vallarta and likely the second year in a row we’ll be staying at the fabulous Grand Luxxe. The best part about it is that all winter long, as I’m huddled in my sweats trying to keep warm, I can look forward to being pampered in the sun in just a few, short, cold, dark winter months.