ponyexpressYou don’t have to be travelling out west to embrace this travel theme. All you need is a sense of adventure, and a few well chosen accessories.

Before the trip: Purchase and stamp/address postcards to be mailed home from your trip. This is for a game you will play along the way.

Optional: Purchase disposible cameras for each child. Round up, purchase or borrow themed clothing/hats for your young “riders”. And who said you’d never have another use for that old Coonskin hat?

Games for the Road:


Catch/Snap a Pony: Here’s where the camera comes in, if you have it. Otherwise you can play for points.  Points for ponies, autmobiles with horse names (Pinto, Mustang etc), and any signs with the words horse or pony in them.

Mail Estimater: Got your postcards handy?  Have the kids decorate their cards and write a note to themselves from the road. Before they mail their postcards, have them write their best estimate for how many days the letter will take to reach home, and then mail the cards from various stops along the way.

Story Relay: Tell a story one sentence and one rider at a time. Take turns starting the story. Try limiting your stories to ten or less sentences.

Other Activities:

“Pony Expressions”:  It’s not time to pay the bill, it’s time to “pony up”. If your kids are sick of hearing you tell them to get in the car, tell them it is time to “saddle up”. And don’t forget to get hitched (buckle up) . Get your gas and meals  (vittles) at the “watering hole”. See how many Pony Expressions of your own you can think up.

Name that Nag: Does your car have a name? Don’t you think it is about time that you named your faithful steed? If you don’t want to vote, put the choices in your (cowboy) hat and pull out a random winner.

Also: If you are going to be anywhere new St Joseph Missouri, consider visiting the Pony Express National Museum