Traveling with multiples can be expensive since you will most likely be paying double for everything, including souvenirs. Unlike having children who are different ages, many multiples like everything to be fair and equal between them. But just because you may be paying double doesn’t mean you can’t save money. Use these tips to help your family get the most out of your trip to a fun theme park your twins or multiples will love!

taking kids to legoland in California

Legoland California entrance. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

How to Save Money when Traveling with Multiples.

Parents of twins or multiples know how quickly a family outing can add up. To help ease the cost of traveling with multiples, look for coupons and discounts before you leave on your vacation. Many coupons and discounts can be found online before you go – you just have to do your research. You should be able to find reasonably priced or discounted tickets through the theme parks website, the hotels you are visiting, or local specialized outlet stores before you even pack your multiples’ suitcases!

On our recent trip to LEGOLAND California, we were able to save $124 ($62 per child) on admission by researching and finding LEGOLAND’s buy 1 adult get 1 child free coupons (available with select LEGO building kits and featured in select issues of the free LEGO Club magazine). Best of all, Legoland California allows you to use more than one coupon per family. The money we saved on admission helped ease the cost of vacationing with multiples on a budget, something many parents of multiples do.

not everyone loves roller coasters

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Multiples Have Different Likes and Dislikes

When traveling to a theme park with younger multiples, it’s a good idea to travel with more than one parent or guardian. As we quickly found out on our first vacation to a theme park, one of our twins loved roller-coasters while his brother did not. Since our boys didn’t meet the height requirements to ride alone, a parent was required to ride with them on the majority of the rides. If my husband or I had traveled alone with our multiples, we would have been in a real predicament.

Neither one of us would feel comfortable leaving a six-year-old alone for an hour or longer per ride while his brother and the parent waited in line and rode the roller-coaster. Besides, no young child wants to be left alone for that long amount of time to sit by themselves while the rest of his or her’s family has fun. Having two parents available, one to ride on the roller-coaster and one be with the child who does not want to ride the roller-coasters, assured everyone was safe, had a fabulous time on our vacation, and no one felt left out.

Theme park travel with multiples can be an inexpensive and exciting adventure for the entire family. You can even save some money with careful planning and preparations before you leave home.

Taking Your Multiples to a Theme Park

What tips do you have to help ensure an enjoyable vacation for everyone when you travel with your multiples? Leave your suggestions in the comments!