family-beach-vacationThe secret to a memorable vacation according to the Times is to keep them short and end them sweet. Psychologists say there are a few factors that infulence this finding.  As you read more on this, you can decide if you will use these findings when planning your upcoming vacation.

Things experienced on the last day are more memorable

The times article says that things experienced on the last day will be more memorable simply because it is the last day.  Their advice is to pick sweet experiences for the last day and they will be that much more exciting for your family.  I have found in my personal travels that the last day is a bitter sweet time for us.  It almost seems like there is a small black cloud hanging over our heads.   It is the end of a marvelous family time.  Unlike the first day where there is so much fun spread out before you.  

Things experienced last are remembered for longer


According to psychologists, we remember things at their peak {positive events} at their low {negative events} and at the end.  In hindsight it doesn’t matter how long an event lasted as much as how strongly you felt about the event.  We all have special memories that are just a moment in time.  A special bonding with family or friends.  A child doing something small that delights everyone.  I have special vacation memories that have been but mere moments and will stay with me forever.  These moments for me haven’t always been at the end of a vacation.

Keep your vacations short and sweet and repeat

If you have to choose between intense events on vacation or length of vacation, you should choose the events according to the Times.  They assert that a short weekend packed with once in a lifetime events is more memorable than a 2 week vacation budget vacation.  Perhaps my memories are more associated with family bonding than high octane events.  I like to spend more time on vacation and having a short weekend makes things more pressed as you are trying to get everything stuffed into a short time.  This has been my experience.  Having said that, I do like a weekend staycation or short road trip.  But I would not like flying away for just a weekend multiple times over the year.  

I think if my personality was geared towards high octane extreme experiences this might ring true.  But since I have more fond memories of family time, it doesn’t seem to work for me.  I like the simple fact of getting away from life for a moment and bonding with each other.  For me, I would much rather have a long budget vacation where we have down time and relax than a short vacation packed with high energy experiences.  I dislike feeling like I have to rush from experience to experience to get it all in.  And I don’t like feeling like I am under the gun from the beginning as far as time on vacation goes.  

But that is the great thing about differing personalities.  What do you think?  Do you agree with this article?  Will you use these findings when planning your next get away?  You can read the secret to a memorable vacation from The Times for more information.  

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