Traveling moms know all too well the frustrations of air travel these days. Late planes, canceled flights, lost baggage. Multiply those problems exponentially when you’re traveling with kids. What can you do about it? Sadly, very little.

Mark S Britton of tells traveling moms what we agree to when we hand over our hard earned cash to an airline (the carriage agreement). He also offers details on what we are entitled to when a flight is delayed more than two hours (anything from a free room to a free meal to a three-minute phone call, but no free babysitting for the overwrought little darlings). And he explains our rights when we get involuntarily bumped from a flight (the one area where the Federal Aviation Administration has set some guidelines, including the right to compensation if the airline can’t figure out another way to get us to our destination).  

Read all the details on his advice and information on making full use of the few rights we have as traveling moms.