norwinn1In early June I headed up to Vermont to attend a blogging event at King Arthur Flour. We were scheduled to stay at the The Norwich Inn so I spent some time perusing their website ahead of time. I knew it was a classic New England Inn on the outside of the main building and that they had just added to their ‘campus’ however, I did not know how amazing this place was until I got there.

norwinn4I entered to find two lovely ladies behind the main desk in a building that seemed to be a very large colonial home. There was a lovely coffee and tea bar next to  check-in as well as an old style pub and dining rooms. The decor was classic new English colonial and I was lucky enough to peek at the suites of two other attendees staying in the main building. The rooms were charming for sure and they loved them.

However, I found I was not happy with my room. There was nothing wrong with the room but it was a bit too dark for me, so I asked what else was available and those fabulous employees set me up at two options to look at: One in The Walker House and the other in The Ivy Lodge.

norwinn3The Walker House was more island/polynesian themed if you will where The Ivy Lodge was more English manor/colonial. The rooms were well decor although my room had enough dogs in them to make a veterinarian happy as can be. The bathroom was much more modern. I should mention that I only choose the Ivy Lodge over the Walker House because I wanted an entry level room.

All of us that attended the event loved and I mean loved staying at the Norwich Inn and that each room was unique. All of the rooms had fireplaces, TV’s, your own bathroom and more. Trust me, if you want to stay at a romantic but modern Inn in Vermont, The Norwich Inn is for you!