betzboysEvery summer we spend a significant amount of time visiting family outside of New York. Our most recent family trip was to Chicago (North Shore) and it was incredible. We visited some beautiful kid friendly places. We danced to music at the Chicago Botanic Garden and we jammed to Ralph’s World at Ravinia.

As a Kosher consuming family, we stock-up on our favorite food items when we visit other family members. When we arrived in Chicago, we went to Costco and bought Nutella, Apple & Eve Juice Boxes, and Waffles, or as my 4 year old likes to call them, “falafels”.

We also shopped at Hungarian Kosher, Jewel, and Garden Fresh Market. When we saw our favorite frozen pizza, Betz Boy’s Kosher Cheese Pizza, we were jumping for joy. We are big fans of having our weekly “Pizza Night In” with Betz Boy’s. See how we enjoyed it last week at our home away from home.


This post was sponsored by Betz Boys but my family’s opinion of the taste of the pizza is our own.