passport2Do you know when the best time to get your passport is? The answer is: the best time to get your passport (or renew your passport) is when you don’t need it. There are two reasons I have been thinking about passports.

1) I just re-watched “While You Were Sleeping,” a great chick flick where Sandra Bullock’s character saves someone’s life and then is mistaken for his fiance, thus the hilarity ensues. But the point is that she has a passport that has never been stamped.

woofstocksign2) I was thinking about how much fun we had a couple of years ago at WolfStock – the festival for dogs – in Toronto, Canada. It reminded me that there was a time when you didn’t need a passport to drive into Canada. But those days are over.

The time to get your passport is when you don’t need it. If you have the opportunity to travel somewhere you don’t want the added stress of wondering if your passport will arrive in time before you are scheduled to leave on your grand adventure. While you are out and about these next couple of weeblogs/4078-webers-inn-for-an-ann-arbor-hotel-staycation.htks pop into a photo center and get a handful of 2 x 2 pictures of yourself and your family members. Get extra while you’re at it. They can come in handy for alot of things not just passports. Then go online and fill out the passport form and print it off.


Even if you have no plans right now for any grand adventure in 2012 it is a good thing to have and you save money by giving yourself the time to go through the standard Passport processing time. It will take about six weeks to process. If you find you need a passport faster than that they are happy to help you for additional charges. A pretty hefty additional charge. Save that money for yourself and get your passport now while you don’t need it.

Then go to and start dreaming big about that vacation to Paris.