car travel family tripHome for the Holidays? Or driving back home?

Our car tends to look like a techy-gadget explosion on long car trips. Four kids in the back each with a hand held gizmo. (One might be reading a book, but she’ll have a booklight attached to it!) And yes we have a DVD player in the van as well. But we hardly use it anymore.

Everyone is too busy doing their own thing.


And that’s just fine with me!! Goodbye to the ‘He’s touching me’ issues!

For the potentially loooong drive BACK ‘over the river and through the woods…’ after the Christmas holidays, imagine you had a lovely device that could basically do it all…

  • A movie player
  • An e-Reader (or audio book player)
  • A gaming device
  • A music box

All of the above?

HTC flyer_7_inch_tablet_for_ChristmasI just tested out the HTC Flyer 7 inch tablet ($300 on and my family loves this thing!

(When the rest of us could pry it out of my 7yrold’s fingers that is…)

The main reason I like this tablet over others (mainly over an iPad) is that it’s Android based and looks and feels and runs (and simply works!) like my Android based phone. My kids use my phone nearly as much as I do, and it was very simple for them to pick up the Flyer and well… fly off with it!

Best Apps to Keep Kids Entertained on a Long Trip

Moron Test – I know, bad name, but seriously this is our new favorite game! It keeps medium aged kids entertained for literally hours and hours. Plus there’s a part 2, you’ll need to download that as well.

Word Games – Go ahead tell yourself they’re ‘educational’ games… you’ll feel better. We’ve tried a bunch and like these three the best: Word Game Pro, Wordoid! and WordWrench.

Knock ‘Em Down, Cut ‘Em Up Games – Those addictive games where you blow through levels of destroying things… Angry Birds, Slice IT!, Greedy Spiders and Cut the Rope are our current favorites.

Mom Favorites – It’s not all about the kids! I love the puzzle/games like: Bejeweled2, Bonsai Blast and Pinball Ride (careful that one is addicting in a mindless zone-out way!).

Little Kids – There are a lot of preschool apps out there but most are really dull, even little kids won’t play them long, I find little kids prefer to play the ‘big kid’ games anyway! We do like one called “Let’s Play With the Trains”. And the book reading apps are great as well for little ones, The PBS books are great as well as a few new ones from Ruckus Media that are newly adapted to Android.

What apps help keep the peace on your long drives?

DISCLOSURE: Carissa was given an HTC Flyer to test drive over the holidays. Her opinion is her own; she already loved her HTC Cell Phone and was thrilled to test an HTC Tablet.