keybiscayneTraveling for work often means busy schedules and quick trips. Trips that may be packed to the brim with meetings, appointments, functions, and meals. Trips that do not allow for down time, much less much needed “me” time that so many of us seek whenever we can. Case in point. I recently traveled to Key Biscayne for the Mom 2.0 Summit held at the Ritz Carlton.

A beautiful and decadent locale, with two pools, a private beach, a stunning spa, and a super equipped fitness center. Key Biscayne is a perfect place for outdoor fun. The Ritz Carlton adds to the dilemma with amenities that on most trips, I would do just about anything to fit into my schedule.ritzcarltonpool But during this short two and a half day trip, my free time was limited as I wanted to make the most out of the conference schedule and networking opportunities.

Left to my own devices, I tried as I might to carve out just enough ME time to feel like I had indulged in at least some of the luxurious offerings at my disposal. I realized that even with a tight schedule, it is possible to create me time with a four easy steps.

  1. Say no to unnecessary functions to make room for an hour of pool or beach time.
  2. Schedule an early morning wake up call to get in a short workout.
  3. Say goodnight to colleagues and friends early enough that you can enjoy a warm bath or some time with a favorite book.
  4. Use the breaks built into your meeting schedule to walk around the hotel’s grounds or to bury your toes in the sand.

ritzcarltonbeachThere is one additional tip for those that have flexibility in their schedules. One that I wish I could have taken advantage of and will try to incorporate if at all possible into future trips. Plan to arrive at your locale either a day early (or plan to leave a day late) for even more possible ME time. The additional time allows you to mentally prepare or recuperate from the work and can help you make the most out of the work atmosphere during the work days knowing that you have designated time for yourself.


Of course, if all else fails, you could skip your meeting sessions, order a nice bottle of “vino” and sit by the pool or beach. But, assuming you are like the rest of us, carving out a few minutes here and a few minutes of me time to relax and rejuvenate, even during job related travel, can make all the difference in the world.

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