Ski LessonsIn a recent post, I’ve advised the Beginner Skier to take ski lessons, regardless of cost.  You’re spending so much to go skiing in the first place, that last couple hundred is not game-changing money.

And now, I’m also going to tell those who already know how to ski to take ski lessons, at least once a year.  Even if you’re pretty good.

Here’s why:

  1. there’s always something you can work on
  2. keeps you fresh
  3. skiing with more skill makes skiing more fun — because you h ave more confidence

When we moved to Idaho 2 ½ years ago, I knew how to ski. OK, I hadn’t skied in six years and I was a little spazzy on the slopes.  So I took a month’s worth of group lessons and I improved… about 50%.  Sure, I was still the slowest skier of my peers, but I could now acquit myself well on the slopes.  I took the lessons near the start of the season and put in a lot of time afterward, working on my new-found skills.  

And last year, I took a month’s worth of lessons again!  And I improved another 50%!  (scientific measurements, to be sure)  Best part: I’m in my (very early) 40s and I’m getting better in a sport.  Sure, the bar was low to begin, but still!  At the end of last season, I had an epiphany about my boots (they’re too loose) thanks to my increased abilities.  I’m all set to integrate my tighter boots into my epiphany this year.  

Yes, I will be taking lessons again — if it ever snows in Idaho this year.

Make it fun: ski better with lessons!