parking-garageParking your car in an unfamiliar place can be a hassle.  If you are driving a rental car, it is easy to forget exactly what kind of car you are driving.  Was it midnight blue or black?  

Finding your car can be as easy as hitting the panic alarm on your key fob.  Listen for the alarm to go off and locate your car.  Unfortunately, if you are nowhere near your parking space, you won’t hear a sound. 

Living in a small city, I never really had to worry about where I parked my car.  It was easy to remember and I almost always found it without a problem.  There weren’t too many parking spots in our downtown area.  We either left our car in the one parking garage or the street near our destination.  

Exploring Denver involves many parking garages, metered spaces and having to take long walks from my parked car.  It is easy to forget which street I left my car while I am wandering the city with two kids in tow.  This is especially true if I have parked my car and then spent the entire day exploring.  I could end up blocks away from my parking spot.  Having a landmark to make my way back to in a city I am unfamiliar with makes me feel better.

parking-garage1Awhile back, I read about taking pictures of your parking spot with your camera or cell phone to help you remember where you parked.  I am so glad that I remembered this tip because it has come in handy.  As soon as I park my car in a parking garage or space, I snap a picture with my cell phone of the level sign at the stairs or the elevator.  When I come out of the parking garage, I snap a picture of the buildings, the street signs, or the parking garage name.  It doesn’t matter what you take a picture of.  Just make sure that it will be helpful in the return trip.

When it is time to return to my car, I check those pictures on my phone and use them to guide me back to my parking spot.  I haven’t gotten lost yet!

The pictures don’t have to be fancy or technically beautiful.  As soon as I get home, I delete the pictures off of my phone.  I don’t want to accidentally look at an old picture and make my way to the wrong parking lot.

This is a great tip for your trip to a theme park like Disney World.  It is fun to find out which character spot you are parked in but it is easy to forget after a long day of rides, food, and fun.