queasypopsWe’re doing a lot of family travel this summer and we know that nothing ruins summer fun quite like an upset stomach. Don’t let travel sickness make you or your family members miserable. We’ve got a full arsenal of tools to fight back, and we are sharing them with you!

1. Queasy Pops Motion Sickness Pops. Some of you moms out there might be familiar with this one, and our next product as they are popular remedies for morning sickness as well. Queasy Pops are a popular candy based remedy that calm your tummy with natural herbs. And in tasty lollipop form it’s medicine most kids will be happy to take.

2.  Psi Bands work by applying pressure to pressure points that relieve nausea and can prevent motion sickness altogether.

3. Good old fashioned dramamine. In both the original and non drowsy forms. We like to carry both, and the chewable variety. If you are traveling by night with queasy kids, the original formula may be preferable in that it may help kids sleep. Take it before you hit the road! Be prepared. Accidents happen. In the event of a motion sickness incident you’ll want to have a Yak Pak handy. It’s a clean up kit with everything you need.