Let’s face it: Times are tough. So this year, instead of going away for Spring Break, how about taking a “staycation” by staying home and being a tourist in your own town? These tips will help ensure that is feels like a real vacation rather than feeling like a vacation you aren’t having.

Planning a Staycation


A hometown staycation is an easy trip to plan. Just ask yourself what you would show someone visiting from out of town? Then go see those things yourself.

If you live in a city, check out all of the tourist attractions you haven’t been to in years.You can bet there’s a reason so many out of towners flock to see them.If you live in a small town, visit a historic homestead, or hike to a scenic outlook.

How to Make a Staycation Feel More Like a Vacation

  • Treat yourself to lunches and dinners at the best restaurants in town.
  • Leave the kids with a babysitter one afternoon and head to a local spa with your spouse for some serious pampering.
  • Hire a cleaning service to come in once (or hey, live a little: twice!) during the week, so you’re not spending your stay-cation doing laundry or scrubbing toilets.
  • Let the kids go to a double feature – while you peruse the mall.
  • Buy yourself a “souvenir” in a local shop you usually only go to buy gifts for others. It’ll help you remember a stay-cation worth (not?) going on!

Still not convinced it’ll feel like a real vacation? Here are some more ideas:

  • Local libraries are always hosting readings, go listen and learn something new.
  • Local wine shops often host tastings, pick a designated driver and indulge!
  • Maybe your florist would be willing to a host a family flower arranging class, or a local chef a family friendly cooking class. Be creative and look at where you live with someone else’s eyes. You might be surprised at what you see.

How do you make a staycation feel more like a vacation? Share with us in the comment section below.